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Hello! Happy November. I hope everyone had a pleasant Halloween/Día de los Muertos/All Saints Day last week. My girlfriend and I stayed in, binging The Haunting of Hill House and drinking hot apple cider.

I haven’t had much time to think of many ideas for this month’s blog post, as the last few weeks have seen me lost in my third novel’s first draft. I’m happy to report that I have two (TWO!) more chapters to write until it is complete! Then it’ll be rewriting and reworking until I pass it off to my wonderful editor come January. Needless to say, that has consumed a lot of my brainpower lately. Thus, this blog may end up being a random scattering of what’s left of my brain cells. Please bear with me.

nutshelltechI would like to share a book on writing that I have found particularly helpful. I received The Nutshell Technique by Jill Chamberlain as a Christmas gift several years ago. It is actually a book geared toward screenwriting (as one can see on the front cover), however, if you’re of the mindset that stories are stories regardless of what medium they eventually take, then you too may find this book helpful. I sure did! While Chamberlain – herself a successful script consultant – discusses familiar techniques, plot points, and archetypes, she also breaks down well-known films and pinpoints how and when the screenwriters did what they did to make those screenplays work so well. I found I was able to use a lot of the screenwriting principles and apply them to my own work. Check it out!

bloodandboneOn another recommendation note, have y’all read Children of Blood and Bone yet?? If not, you are missing out! It’s the debut fantasy novel by Tomi Adeyemi and it is AMAZING. She is crazy talented. It is also a master class in world-building for fantasy writers. Her ability to create an entirely new world lies in her brilliant incorporations of West African mythology and astoundingly subtle details that simultaneously drop you into a place that feels new yet rings with the realities of our world today. Also, the sequel (Children of Vengeance and Virtue) comes out next month and I CANNOT WAIT.

This is my last blog post of 2019 as the incredible HOOTENANY commences next month! I would like to thank Andi and Jove for giving me this space on Women and Words to share my thoughts, experiences, and questionably interesting musings. (I should also shout out to Ash Bartlett for recommending me to Women and Words in the first place! #fellowmillenial) Jove and Andi, you guys are wonderful and I am eternally grateful for being able to be a part of a women-driven, writing-enthusiastic place.

Have the best end of 2019, y’all. See you in 2020!


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