Hai, Frenz!

Jove and I and bunches of others are doing kind of a Women and Words blitz right now to remind authors that you can sign up RIGHT HERE ON THE SITE to donate a few of your books to the upcoming Hootenanny.

That’s the giant-ass crayfest book giveaway that we here at Women and Words do Dec. 12-23. Dozens of books a day. Not making that up. You can do a search right here on the site (just type in “Hootenanny”) to see just how many each day we might end up giving away.

All other business on this site stops for this, so be advised! lol


It’s also pinned to the home page, so you can get to it there, too.

Whew. Here we go again! Another holiday season is upon us! Batten yer hatches and let your author folk know that the sign-up sheet is right here on Women and Words.


Tucker’s getting ready…

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