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A reader’s perspective on science fiction

Wow, hard to believe that I’ve officially got a full year in on this gig. It’s a lot of fun being part of the Women and Words blog team but I’m not sorry I get a bit of break as we’ll be preempted by that big bad annual Women and Words Hootenanny which runs from December 12th to the 23rd. There will be daily giveaways of books or ebooks and all you have to do to get into the daily draws is to leave a comment on each day’s blog. The blogs are so hilarious that reading them is a highlight of the season for me.

I’m a big fan of the first two terminator movies: not so much of those that appeared between T2 and the latest Terminator: Dark Fate. Admittedly that may be in part the lack of Linda Hamilton (just saying).  Needless to say I was in one of our local theatres the day Dark Fate was released and well, the special effects were amazing, the dialogue not so much and the three female main characters were “kick-ass” and worth the price of admission.

I admit that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of logic behind what I like or don’t like about science fiction – be it on the screen or on the page. I’m not obsessed with all things science fiction – more “I like what I like” but don’t ask me to try to rationalize it for you because I can’t. In my January blog I listed five of my favourite lesfic series. Interestingly enough of the five, two of them happen to be science fiction which probably only accounts for a small percentage of what I read.

Despite my love/hate relationship with science fiction there are a few series out there that I wait less than patiently for the next installment or wish an author would rethink their decision to stop at two or three books. When it comes to science fiction (or fantasy too for that matter) I’ve also noticed another trend – I am less likely to try a new author. Not sure why. If the author is one that I am well acquainted with and a fan of their work it doesn’t matter what genre they are writing I am going to check it out (Mary Griggs: Bitter Heart, Lee Daley: Futuredyke). Or, with a little prodding, be it amazing reviews and word of mouth or a free e-book – I might give it a new author a try (Anna Burke: Compass Rose). I am much more likely to take a flyer on a standalone romance or mystery from a new or unknown (to me anyway) author than on the science fiction side of the house.

One of my absolute favourite series of all time is Fletcher Delancey’s Chronicles of Alsea. 81p7qN-RQRL._AC_UY218_ML3_.jpgI’ve just finished Book 8 Uprising and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Book 9. Interesting enough it was the author’s charming short story/novella MAC vs. PC that first caught my attention. I was quickly caught up in the fan fiction based Past Imperfect Series her precursor to the more mature Chronicles of Alsea work. Well written with amazing world building, adventure, conflict, thought-provoking themes, engaging and diverse characters.

Another favourite – unfortunately only a trilogy (hoping perhaps the 51VnnuqCaFL.jpg
characters will call to her for another adventure) – is fellow Canadian Lise MacTague’s On Deception’s Edge series. It has a bit of everything: thriller, romance conflict adventure, wonderful world building and  two kick-ass female protagonists that you can love and cheer on. You are literally sitting on the edge of your seat – especially in book one Depths of Blue (great cover too).

 So, are you a hardcore science fiction fan or do you only dabble occasionally when one catches your eye? Any must reads out there?


  1. definitely hard core scifi. Honor series by David Weber the best. Fletcher‘s Alsea series is wonderful. Gun Brooke‘s Protector of the Realm and the Exodus series are other favorites. Another wonderful read ist the Celaeno series by Jane Fletcher!


    • Funny enough I have a couple of the Honor series sitting in my TBR file so will have to get at it. I’ve only read Gun Brooke’s romances so have to check out her other works as well as Jane Fletcher’s. Thanks for the suggestions.


  2. I’m a huge science fiction fantasy reader but lately, the LGBT market is not doing it for me. I’ve branched out to read strong women character stories like the books in the Honor series by David Weber. The last science fiction LGBT I read was Ammonite Nicola Griffith. Still good always. A couple of vampire books by Weatherspoon because she is Better Off Red. Anything Elizabeth Moon. Meghan O’Brien’s apocalyptic The Three. And I bought the audible for The Girl With All the Gifts by MR Carey. I did read a book a while back that was freakn awesome and I think book two is out now. Monasco Passage to anathema by Carole Wolf.

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    • You’re not the only person to recommend Weber’s Honor series so will have to push the first books sitting in my TBR folder up to the top I think. I also have Ammonite sitting there. I’ve read Weatherspoon’s Vampire Sorority Sisters series and liked them too (admittedly not her new stuff so much). Meghan’s The Three is a favourite but haven’t ever read anything by Elizabeth Moon or MR Carey, thanks for the suggestions. I love it when readers share like this.


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