Women and Words Podcast, November 16-21, 2019

In the weeds only 56 percent of the time!

Andi and Jove might have wandered in the weeds more than 56 percent of the time today, but oh, well. They’re super-stoked about R.G. Emanuelle’s A Year in the Kitchen, which is 12 recipes R.G. developed the first year of Dirt Road Books (which she co-founded with Andi, Jove, Michelle Teichman and Gill McKnight). All proceeds from this book go to the Oregon Food Bank. They also had a long discussion of LGBTQ rep in mainstream publishing, talked about Gentleman Jack (thanks, Stevie Carroll!) and movies. And other stuff. Because weeds. 56 percent of the time.

Nov. 16: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion talks science fiction. WOOO! Check it out.

Nov. 17: Author Karen Frost with an excellent discussion about getting LGBTQ books into mainstream markets. Seriously. Read this.

Nov. 18: Author, explorer, and Women and Wordster Stevie Carroll managed to get in on a Calderdale Heritage Walk titled “Cliffe Hill – The Walkers and Others,” which has gotten majorly popular because of the BBC series Gentleman Jack. Cliffe Hill was the home of Ann Walker, who married Anne Lister. Find out more.

Nov. 19: Author and Women and Wordster Ash Bartlett doesn’t like the movie You’ve Got Mail (1998) and finds Point Break (1991) a much better kind of statement. Find out why.

Nov. 20: Author and Women and Wordster Clifford Mae Henderson was on jury duty, but that’s not really the point of her story, which is more about the kind of validation being legally married can bring you. Ruminate with her.

Nov. 21: Andi Marquette stepped in on R.G. Emanuelle’s day to remind authors IT’S HOOTENANNY TIME SO GO GET SIGNED UP! MUAH! TUCKER THE MERRY ELF SAYS PLZ SIGN UP FOR HAPPY FUN TIMES!

And you can pre-order a copy of R.G. Emanuelle’s A Year in the Kitchen on Kindle — all proceeds benefit the Oregon Food Bank!