Women and Words podcast, Nov. 25-29, 2019

The world needs to be disrupted in a Lizzo kind of way

Andi is now obsessed with The Great British Bake Off (I know!!!! WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG???), as is R.G. Emanuelle. Then she and Jove sent lots of love to Lizzo and noted that Linda Hamilton is still freaking awesome. Also, Jove has some great tips for helping those dealing with cancer. And please consider buying a copy of R.G. Emanuelle’s A Year in the Kitchen, cuz all proceeds go to Oregon Food Bank. WOOO!

Nov. 25: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess had a great discussion about the importance of literature by marginalized people during difficult political and economic times. Read it.

Nov. 26: Author and Women and Wordster Lee Lynch went to the movies for the first time in twelve years with her wife and saw the latest Terminator movie. And…well, she had a great time. Find out why.

Nov. 27: Author and Women and Wordster Jove Belle with a topic very close to her heart — tips for helping people deal with cancer. Go see. Seriously.

Nov. 28: REMEMBER! THE HOOTENANNY’S COMING! Andi Marquette with a reminder to authors to sign up on the handy form.

Nov. 29: Share the luv and buy a copy of chef, author, and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle‘s book of recipes! All proceeds go to Oregon Food Bank! Go see.