HI, friends!

So. The Hootenanny starts DECEMBER 12 and goes until DECEMBER 23.

OMG I know. Another freakin’ year! #wherehasthetimegone

Okay, so as a reminder and for the uninitiated, the Hootenanny is a 12-day book giveaway. For reals. We do nothing but give books away for 12 days. Each day is a new selection of books and chances to win. On average, we probably give away some 25-30 books a day.

So you’ll need to come back every day to get entered, which is easy-peasy. You just leave a comment on each day’s blog.

Don’t worry — we’ve got instructions and reminders throughout the event, and you can always hit us up at the contact page right here on Women and Words if you have questions. 🙂

All right. As a reminder, here are a couple of days from last year’s Hootenanny, so you can see the cray. And if you’ve never been to a Hootenanny, well…these should help!

Day 7, 2018
Day 2, 2018

So things will be a little different around these parts for the rest of the month, as we gear up for this event and then go into the full-on holiday season at which point Jove and I pretty much collapse and sleep for five days. LOLOL

Anyway, we hope you’ll join us!


Tucker’s on his way, friends!!!! BE READY!!!!


  1. Yassss the Hootenanny is amazing! We all appreciate the hard work you ladies put in to give us the chance to win awesome books!


  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Jove, Andi, Tucker, all the elves working in the background! Awesome, Generous authors and publishers! I REALLY look forward to this every year! The fun is in the hootenanny itself – the daily antics of Tucker and friends, the new words to familiar Christmas songs, and the many crazy comments are a riot.

    Thank you all so much for doing this again!


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