Binge Reading

You know when you find an author whose work you love and you want to go read their back catalogue? And then you get distracted and think you have read all of their books. And you fan girl all over the place about how much you love all their books. And then you realize that you missed one? Am I the only person that happens to?

The Hootenanny is a great way to discover new authors. And go on binge reads. And get all excited reading “everything” someone has written.  And then embarrass yourself when you have to admit to, say, EA0B6C17-14E8-4D3E-8DBD-5E29B3DE2678Kris Bryant that you never read Jolt. It’s now in my TBR pile. Or tell Clare Ashton that you finally picked up Pennance (although that one was more of a purposeful miss since it sounded dark, and it rather is, but it also turns out to be a really good story and totally entertaining).9B355073-3417-47C8-9AB1-F0099299611F



I THINK I’ve read all of Karis Walsh’s books. Now that I’ve said that, I probably missed one. Same goes for EJ Noyes and Lee Winter and Georgia Beers and Rachel Spangler and Melissa Brayden… Until I find the book I missed.



Then there are Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe who each have a million books out and in different genres and how will you get through them all, but it sure is fun to try.5281A1D4-13F8-4F54-BD12-7E1E0A36BF49



Back to The Hootenanny. One of the first books I won was Survived by Her Longtime Companion by Chris Paynter, who writes a fabulous story! I loved that book and went on to read several more of hers, finding Come Back to Me, which is one of my favorites.6CD50224-76C9-4299-A0BB-C3E2172C9E07




I won a copy of Bowery Girl by Kim Taylor Blakemore a few years ago. Touching, emotional, tragic, a great read. In January you can listen to me read her latest book, The Companion, another touching, emotional, tragic, enthralling book. B2593A0F-79CF-4992-8011-2822C4C45878





Hootenanny starts Dec 12. Enter it. It will take you places. You will find great books, which may lead you down binge-reading paths. I think there are even a couple of audiobook codes from me in there.


  1. I discovered Chris Paynter via the Hootenanny too ! Now I follow her beagle everywhere. It’s hard to say which is my favourite of hers, some of them affected me so much I was kind of in a fog afterwards. Chris doesn’t shy away from painful situations but she writes so compassionately, it makes it easier. Which reminds me, I should finish submitting my reviews on Goodreads !


  2. I too have found books that I missed by my favourite (I’m Canadian 🙂 ) authors. I have also found new to me authors looking at the list of books to win. I love me the Hootenanny!


  3. Thank you so much, Ann, for the shoutout! And thank you, Adele, for the kind words. 😊 I’m glad you enjoy following Ellie. 😊 I, too, find I devour books by the same author. I often find myself rereading the same books. They’re like old friends.


  4. Earlier this year, I was introduced to the work of Donna Jay. I totally binged on her books. I think I’ve done that with each new author…new to me that is. Which is why I have too many favourites to list! And Hootenany is a great place to find new books, authors, and old friends!


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