Women and Words Podcast, Dec. 2-7, 2019

Hootenanny all the time

Andi and Jove talk about KD Williamson’s latest release and R.G. Emanuelle’s shout-out to some new releases from Dirt Road Books, and then they rambled on about the Hootenanny, which is coming up Dec. 12-23. That is, IT LAUNCHES THURSDAY.

REMINDER: During the Hootenanny, we do not podcast and there are no other blogs on the site. And then we’re all exhausted at the end of the event so we take a few days off. 🙂

So things get a little quiet around here once the Hootenanny’s done. Just a heads-up! See you on the flip-side!

2 Dec.: Author and Women and Wordster KD Williamson talks about her latest release, Big Girl Pill. Find out more.

5 Dec.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle wrapped up the year with a little bit of chat about the latest releases from Dirt Road Books (R.G. is a founding member and co-owner), including her short recipe book — all proceeds from that recipe book go to Oregon Food Bank. Check it out.