2020 – We are in you!

2020 is here and I’m ready for a new year and a new decade full of fun and love and all the good things! Today is the day I add a new planner insert to my Midori notebook and start jotting down special events and goals for the year. In 2020, I’ll have four new book releases: Out of Practice, the second of my Legal Affairs Romances (February), Drawn, a romantic suspense novel, (June), Double Jeopardy, a romantic novella will be included in Still Not Over You with stories by Ali Vali and Jenny Frame (July), and Spirit of the Law, a romantic suspense novel (October). I’ll be appearing at Clexacon (Vegas) in April, the GCLS Con (Albuquerque) in July, Women’s Week (Provincetown) in October, and Books and Boots (Dallas) in November. If you’ll be at any of these events, please say hi – I’d love to meet you in person.

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I’m ready for a great year full of love, life, good health, and tons of productivity. Let’s start the year off with a giveaway, shall we? Chime in below with something you intend to accomplish or are looking forward to this year, and your name will be entered in a drawing for a free ebook copy of Out of Practice (before it’s general release). Leave your comment by Saturday, January 4th, and I’ll post the winner on Sunday. Cheers to a great year for us all!


  1. Well, we sat down this morning to discuss our goals for the year. We decided on more time together (scheduled date nights biweekly), me not working 7 days a week and being exhausted when I have the day off and us taking bimonthly weekenders. All out into my monthly planner and iur joint calendar.

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  2. This year I hope to find a job outside the healthcare service. I have worked in hospitals for 40 years now and I am really done with that field of work. So I hope a small organization in IT will give me a chance and hire me. For max 3 days a week 😬


  3. I’d like to start going to the gym (geez, it’s just across the driveway for heaven’s sake) to be healthier and read and review a minimum of 125 books.


  4. Dear Carson,

    I’m embarrassingly ahead of the game for writing down my goals for 2020. I’ve been thinking about these since Nanowrimo ended. My Nano went so well when I prepped it fully in Oct. So I felt obligated to prep for 2020.

    I have Writing goals, Life Goals, Financial Goals, and Reading Goals. If I forgot anything pfft, too bad.
    Here are my writing goals.

    Build my websites, social media, twitter, FB, and Pint for both Scifi and Romance genres. I purchased the sites in 2019. Gotta get my money’s worth.

    Write 2 more #polyamory novellas. I finished 2 in 2019 so trying to do the same in 2020.

    Complete at least 2 or more chapters to post on both Romance books WIP (H and TTT). (Trouble Times Ten is being posted on Academy of the Bards and I hope to finish it in 2020)

    Attend GCLS 2020.

    Participate in Nanowrimo2020.

    These are the things I will get done in 2020. I’ve yet to be published but I enjoy writing so much. I have 2 novellas already written and will be editing those and a novel on off months. Hope to see you in GCLS



  5. Home projects are set for this year. Finding new job, (fingers crossed) and reading. Lots of reading!
    In general keep it down a bit and enjoy weather and daily simple things.

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  6. I’d like to get to GCLS. I’ve never been, and the biggest obstacle is the failure to set aside time and money. You’ve got me thinking ahead now, so maybe I’ll get there if all the balls I have to keep in the air behave themselves.


    • Hoping the stars align so you can attend. Just fyi, for the future, GCLS has scholarships that cover a large portion of the cost of attending. You can find the info on their website.


  7. Happy New Year! I set a goal of reading at least one book a month. There are many unread books downloaded to the book library on my kindle.
    I hope to write a short story every two months. Yup. You may think this is quite a lame goal but since I did no writing such as that last year it will be forward progress.


  8. To continue reading your novels as I have read them all! So glad to see you have more novels ready for publication this year! I would like to attend a conference to meet some fabulous authors!


  9. I want to do more fun things this year. The past couple years have been so busy with projects that I haven’t had much time to get out and explore or travel.


  10. Started the new job last month, so the goal for the upcoming few months is sell my old condo and look for new lodging closer to the new job. Let’s hope both of those things are relatively easy going.


  11. Thanks to all of you for commenting and for following us here at Women and Words! I used a random comment picker and Marilyn, you’re the winner! Watch your email for instructions on how to claim your prize. Happy New Year!

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