New Year’s resolutions are something that, I heard, people struggle with. I don’t think I have ever made any in my twenty-four-and-three-quarters years of life, but I think I’ll try it this time. Of course, I did make resolutions for quite a few years, but those don’t count because they were ones I needed for assignments in middle and high schools, which is ridiculous. But other than that little tidbit of the useless school system that we have in the States, I don’t think I was ever interested in changing anything about my way of life.

There are probably several factors that prevented me from doing that. There’s always the 5-6 years that I was almost entirely disassociated, thanks high school, then there’s the narcissism, I like myself a lot. I also never really had much want for change, or the time for that matter. I think a lot of things that have to do with failed resolutions, the serious ones and not the impulsive ones we make on a whim at midnight, have to do with balance. I find it very difficult to balance things in my life. Whenever I get a moment of free time, there’s someone there asking me to drive them to a class, or a store, or to an appointment. Then afterwards it’s time to pick them up. And then it’s time to help my brother with his homework, and then it’s time to help my sister with chores, and then it’s eleven at night and I don’t want to do anything that I wanted to do during the day.

There’s a fine line between doing things you want, and not doing them. And the way that I’m balancing it now is by treating my resolutions as scheduled work. I’m not exercising when I find a moment, I’m exercising at a specific time on a specific day, and that time is booked up so no one can take it away. I’m not writing in ten-minute bursts, I’m writing for an hour here and there at times where I tell people I’m working.

It’s still difficult to put everything I want to accomplish into a timeframe that holds respect and consideration from others, but at the very least, there’s now less free time and more me time. It’s important to alter our needs to fit us, and to create rules that work for you, the individual. Everyone’s situation is different, so this solution isn’t for everyone, but maybe it’s for someone, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to find your own way to a more productive happiness.