Seeing 2020

Hello! First, thanks again to Andi and Jove for pulling off another spectacular Hootenanny. Y’all are amazing. Great work, truly.

Next, happy new year! It’s rather exciting, saying it’s 2020. I remember being in elementary school when the year 2000 was rolling around, and that seemed extraordinary and sci-fi sounding. It probably helped that there was all of that Y2K panic. y2kNothing like a potential technological apocalypse to get people wound up. Still, I can remember thinking back then, “Wow, ‘2000’, I wonder what it’ll be like?” (Not that different from 1999, really.)

Yet as the final hours of 2019 counted down, I found myself thinking the same thing about 2020. What will happen? What does this new decade hold? Well, so far, a few wonderful things as well as a few rather frightening global events. 2020 had seemed so far away back in the ‘90s, and suddenly we’re here. Oddly enough, I did not have these thoughts in 2009; is it because the “teens” were not as thrilling? Or was I simply more consumed in my own life to pay attention? Hm. Anyway, the new year! 2020! (I know they did the Barbara Walters bit on NYE, but is anyone else constantly hearing her voice when they say the year?)

Bringing this tangent back around, I am looking forward to this year in large part because my girlfriend and I have returned to our favorite city. Last year, we’d both taken jobs closer to LA, but quickly learned that is not our scene. Oh well. We tried. Fast forward to December and we high-tailed it south. As we were settling in to our new home, unpacking my fifteenth box of books (I kid, there were only four), my girlfriend said, “We’re getting pretty good at this whole moving thing.” Joking, but also not, because she and I have moved four times over the course of our 4.5 year relationship. I then said, “You know, I feel like I have moved many times in my life.” Which, naturally, prompted me to sit down and actually count how many times I have moved. (Fun fact: the average American will move 11.7 times in their life, according to Google.)moving

So, I made a list which included cities with wonderful, if faint, memories like Denver, Colorado, and other places simply labeled “sketchy apartment,” – the one my dad helped me move into and, as he left, said, “Don’t tell your mother you live here.” Eventually I came to my total number of moves: 19! Phew.

Now that my girlfriend and I are back in our happy place, I think I’d like to keep that number right where it is for a while. Not that I mind moving, but once you’ve found the place that feels right it makes you want to stay a while.

This year, I look forward to hosting more author events while working on my fourth (!) novel and getting my third one out into the world. The GCLS conference is closer to the west coast this time around, so I’ll be attending that in the summer, which I am stoked about.

2020 holds so much potential. I hope you – like me – feel motivated to tap into as much of it as you can. Cheers to writing, reading, and more LGBTQ+ works in this new year!

And if you have to move, give me a shout…we have so much packing tape 😊

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  1. Only 4 boxes of books? Wow, I need to pare down. I’ve not moved to a new place in ages but I was clearing out my storage shed to stop paying that expense and found 11 boxes of books hiding under my storage shed mess. Now they are stored in my mother’s garage until I get to them. Complete set of Anne MacCaffrey Dragon Riders of Pern and almost all of Louis Lamour’s westerns. I just couldn’t part with the best of the best. So far I’ve moved 27 times and although I don’t live in it…I bought a house for my mom in 2014. Currently Airbnb-ing it until i purchase a new place. I think the grand idea these days (for me) is to buy sealable bins. And skip the tape.

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