Pondering the L Word: Gen Q

Hey all! I don’t have a lot to say this go round, but I’m dying to hear what YOU have to tell me about The L Word: Generation Q…the revamped version of the iconic, controversial, inspiring? and sometimes (often?) cringe-worthy series. Specifically what you think about take two on the L-Word AND any other LGBTQ+TV on these days that I should know about! Clue me in on the good, the bad, the awful, and the amazing! I admit to being completely out of the loop, and I’m asking you all to clue me in. I need all the help I can get!!!

Ready, set, GO!


  1. I like this version much better than the first. You’re right when you say that so much of the original was cringe-worthy, and I almost opted not to watch this new series because of it. But they seem to have learned from experience.

    First, Shane is back. That’s enough for me, though I actually like womanizer Shane better than heart-broken Shane. No matter; she’s here and she’s Shane, and I’m happy.

    Second, that whiny character Jenny from the first series is dead. I’m even happier about that than seeing Shane again. I thought that character ruined the first series, so when Bette said that she had drowned, I did a little happy dance. Not nice of me, but there it is.

    Third, I like the diversity in this series. We have a range of ages, different skin colors, actual trans actors and trans characters. It’s not totally realistic (it’s TV, after all), but it’s much better than the first series in that regard.

    On the downside, I wish Alice was less whiny/passive/whatever it is that kind of gets her on my nerves. And we still do have a little too much “rich folk” vibe, though not nearly as much as the first series.

    So, I’m a fan, so far. I actually look forward to seeing each episode (haven’t watched last night’s yet), when as the first series dragged on and there was way too much focus on whiny Jenny, I just sat through it hoping it would get better. This one is an improvement.

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  2. I went to a premiere and saw the first episode. It’s still rich LA lesbians, but the addition of Jacqueline Toboni makes any show worth watching, in my opinion. The other show that premiered at the same time is called Work in Progress. It’s about a 40 something, heavy set, comfy clothes wearing OCD lesbian who begins to date a transman. The representation of LGBT folks seems much more real to me. Plus it’s filmed in Chicago.


    • I”m glad you mentioned Jacqueline Toboni. Her character is my favorite among the new ones. I’ve liked her ever since Grimm, and it’s great to see her in this show. Now I have to check out Work in Progress! Thanks!

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  3. Didn’t know there is a new series, that’s icing on the cake if Jenny is dead 🙂
    I wonder when we will see it in the uk, can’t wait!


  4. Haven’t watched it, but from the photo on your Women and Words post, I can identify several problem salready. All cute, skinny and hip; All under the age of forty. All geared to the younger lesbians. When will we seniors ever be represented? When will we see a character that’s overweight, has terrible hair, or can’t see ten feet in front of her without her Coke-bottle glasses. I doubt the L Word is the Real World. Sigh.


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