Inspired for 2020

A reader’s perspective on the power of the pages.

It really is true that as we get older time goes by faster. This past year was crazy in that Thanksgiving happened in the US and I swear Christmas was the next weekend. It was so quick that we didn’t even get a tree up! But there was the Hootenany and that is the best part of any year. I hope everyone who received books will be inspired and find new adventures to engage in with the upcoming year (Oh my gosh it’s 2020!!). That is the great thing about books you know- they can inspire and create adventures. I still remember reading every horse book I could get my hands on when I was in grade school and having the time of my life when my parents finally agreed to let me try riding on a real horse. I sucked at it and the horses were a lot bigger than they appeared in the books, but still! I got to ride a horse all because I could imagine doing so by reading books.

The Roommate Arrangement by [Jae]They are still doing that- inspiring adventures. For example, Jae has a fantastic story out right now (I think it is her newest) called The Roommate Arrangement. If you enjoyed Just For Show, this is a great follow-up that follows Claire’s younger sister Stephanie through the final push in making it as a comedian before her self-imposed deadline expires. There is some wonderful chemistry and romance galore but why I’m mentioning this story is that one of the outings that Stephanie and Rae have during their courtship is to a place called Descanso Gardens and The Forest of Enchantment. The story is based in LA so why not Google it! And Jae being the amazing researcher that she is- this is a very real place and a very real event each year! And it’s amazing!!! I would never have known about it unless I had read about it and I absolutely LOVE being inspired to find something new! Thanks Jae!!

Another story inspiration? Ballroom dancing lessons with my wife. We had always joked about it and doubted it would ever happen- especially since I can not find a beat for anything. Then I read/listened to Fiona Riley’s Unlikely Match Unlikely Match by [Riley, Fiona]where Shelly woo’s Claire with smooth dance moves when they first meet it. And that wasn’t even the first in the series so of course I had to go back and read/listen to Miss Match to find out how Shelly comes by her mad dance skills. But it just sounded so fun that my wife and I found a local dance studio and signed up for a months’ worth of classes. All because I was nudged by this story to try something out of my comfort zone.

If the Shoe Fits by [Noyes, E. J. ]And since I was venturing out of my comfort zone (not the most energetic after work to do more socializing) why not take it one step more into the week. After reading/listening to how much fun Brooke is having playing ultimate frisbee in E. J. Noyes If the Shoe Fits, guess who signed up for a local ultimate frisbee game? You got it! Granted it doesn’t have a cool name like Disc Dykes, in fact there isn’t a name since it is just pick up games with the local Community Recreation Department, but it really is a lot of fun and my wife and I are playing because of another story.  

There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration in a story. In fact, it is a great way to find new activities that you may not have thought to do before. I mean if I could find a cool shop like Ollie’s from Jenn Matthew’s Hooked on YouHooked on You by [Matthews, Jenn] I would seriously consider taking up knitting. In the meantime, I want to hear from all you readers out there! What have you been inspired to do from the pages of our amazing lesfic novels?