Final (maybe) Women and Words Podcast, Jan. 18-24, 2020

Use your powers for good.

Andi and Jove wander through hockey, DJ’ing, “what if” and Star Wars in this, the most likely final episode of the Women and Words podcast. They’re putting the podcast on extended hiatus…it may come back later or it may not! They feel like they had a good run with this one but it’s time to shift their energies and focus to other things.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have followed us and who have listened and may The Force be with you. 🙂

Jan. 18: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion has a cool list of books that deal with women’s hockey to peruse. Go see.

Jan. 20: Women and Wordster and author Stevie Carroll is also a DJ! WTF! WHO KNEW! Find out more.

Jan. 21: Author and Women and Wordster Ashley Bartlett has a great essay on translating queer life to straight friends. Check it out.

21 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess has a list of “what ifs” for the new year, and we love how she’s reframed that whole “what if” thing. Join her in pondering.

24 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Erin Zak is a rabid Star Wars fan and is still processing the end of the era. Andi totally understands. Read more.

Thanks again, everyone!


  1. And now I need to have another Star Wars marathon of my own!

    I’m going to miss these fun interludes, but thanks for taking care of yourselves first. We should all meet at a McMennamin’s sometime…perhaps convince Kennedy School to do a Star Wars Marathon Day!!


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