Are There Football Games in Heaven?

And why wouldn’t football be watched Heaven? I’ve heard there were Angels in the outfield and when Kevin Costner built it, they came.  *snicker*

I do wonder though – do they watch it knowing in advance who was going to win?  

Or do they just kick it and watch for the entertainment value with whatever snack they loved in this life – but without calories – I’m sure there aren’t any calories in Heaven. Or indigestion.

Hey, it’s my version.

Many of you know I’m a huge Hawks fan. It was hard not to be when my wife had lived in the area for her entire life. Then add my very best friend who also grew up there and the air was thick with loyalty and  instant adrenaline. Bremerton knew how to throw a football party!

But  – I digress.  (and you knew that  would happen…)

Sadly, Even encouragement from Texas didn’t help the Seahawks make the cut this year.  But we tried, and usually – if our team isn’t in the super bowl and without a personal stake, I lose interest pretty quickly.

Chiefs-49ers-Super-Bowl - Edited

But fear not my little football fans, this year all is not lost. You can still hear me yelling at the TV from my little house on the corner. Because I am 4th generation San Franciscan, it puts me in a unique position to have a home team to root for and bonus, my family won’t call me a traitor!  In my family – the 49ers are as big as the Hawks are to my wife and best friend. Years ago, during the Montana/Rice era I bought my mom two miniature helmets signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. I don’t want to brag, but I’m sure I was the favorite that year.  I wonder if she still has them. A little trivia – They were named the best quarterback and wide receiver in NFL history. Go Niners!

See Mom?  I can do it.



I do have a little bit of wicked trivia about Joe-baby – but I was swore to secrecy twenty-seven years ago – and the lady in question is still alive… So, you’ll either have to wait for that one (or make an educated guess… )



Since Libra’s are fair – and I need to mention Kansas City – Here is a picture of a bracelet I bought for Rogena Mitchell a few years ago never sent… I should probably get that in the mail. And –  If you knew me and how horrible I am at these things, that fact wouldn’t surprise you at all! 

But, there’s more – there’s another twist. A big one.

My late daughter, Deserae, loved the 49ers. She got the bug from my mother and Papa.  and at one point, I’m told, begged for Mom’s gold team jacket. I heard it from both of them, LOL.  Dezi complained Nana wouldn’t give it to her, and my mother insulted she would even ask for the treasured team jacket

Now, given what happened, I wish I had bought her one of those damned jackets. 

Instead, after Dezi passed away, I was going through her things and found this sweatshirt. (God,  I hope she didn’t steal it from my brother!) I wore it for years. It was my comfort go-to and a hug from my daughter when I missed  her unbearably. I wore it until Sandy and I moved to Alabama – and it was never cold enough. So, I packed it up and stowed in on the top shelf in my closet where it has sat for the last eight years. 

I’ve taken it out for pictures and I am experiencing a myriad of emotions. 

Sandy is on the left trying to model for me. LOL


As heartbreaking as it could is – It helps to imagine Dezi in Heaven (my version of it anyway) snacking on garlic parmesan chicken wings, sweet & sour meatballs, chips & dip, baby back ribs, and potato salad (and as she would say – hold the onions, Mama)  All the while sipping her huge Pepsi and rooting for the team she loved so much. Whether or not she knows who’s going to win ahead of time is anyone’s guess.

I guess I’ll find out when I get there winky gace

Oh, and Happy New Year!





  1. I have a good friend that died back in July from pancreatic cancer. She was just 42. Adriana was a huge 49er fan so I told the guys at work that they were going to win the super bowl this year. I should have put money on it when they were 40-1 odds pre-season. There were quite a few games that could have gone either way, but the ones we pulled out, I looked up to Adriana and thanked her. Maybe her and Dezi will be watching the game together. 🙂

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