Hi there. This is going to be one of those introspective blogs, so if that’s not your thing, see you next time.

It’s said in psychology circles that just because has historically gone a certain way doesn’t mean that it will continue to go that way, that it won’t happen differently in the future.

Which makes sense. If you dial the same phone number every single day, and it always goes right to voicemail, who’s to say that, one day, the person you’re trying to reach won’t pick up? (My age makes me want to say in that example, “You always get a busy signal.” Do young people even know what a busy signal is?)

After all, the law of total probability states that an outcome can be realized via several distinct events. In other words, if the same circumstances occur over and over, you will probably get the same outcome. But circumstances are never exactly the same, are they? You’re never the same age, the weather changes, your life changes.

The problem with this is that people with depression don’t see the consequence of variables or the possibility of different outcomes. When you’re stuck in a loop, it’s difficult to see the way out.

It’s like living Groundhog’s Day.

The thing to remember, I guess, is that something is always changing. It just may not be the thing you wanted to change. I’m not sure if that would make anyone feel better, but I think my point here is that you have to just let things change in their natural progression and wait for the moment when it’s time for your target thing to change, whatever it may be.

As my friend Jill always tells me, one moment can change your life.


  1. Yes, change is inevitable. I’m guilty of wanting change on my terms…I don’t think that has ever really happened in the exact way I desired it. It’s a good reminder…thanks 🤗


  2. THE BUSY SIGNAL – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – god – I hated the busy signal! And they will never know slamming a headset down when you’re mad at the other person on the line. I loved that! The satisfying and violent ring as you did…

    Living in perpetual Groundhog day – that’s an excellent analogy. Now, I’m afraid I’m going to wake up with that rodents face every morning when I’m having a episode! LOL

    I hope you’re feeling better RG 🙂

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