February (was) Women in Horror Month

OR: Late to the Party Excuse #555!

Newsflash Yvonne: This month is a short one – check the calendar to remember your posting date.  (And so, date checked – it’s today and my turn to post ) It’s very late in afternoon – but post I will nonetheless.  I didn’t have anything planned in concrete yet and so in order to expedite the blog – I shall post what was…

I was on Twitter earlier this month and found out February is Women in Horror Month.  Well, that’s right up my alley and I started posting about it.

Right up my alley – but….

You should see the scenes cut OUT of my books!  For various reasons but usually because of the graphic nature – and not the romance kind.  You get to read the cleaned up – shiny versions. 🙂

I made myself a magazine cover! From Scratch.  And I’m going to tell you – these days there is little worse than spending hours on a seemingly, deceptively easy  – banner/social media post and then have little to no response.

I can spend hours upon hours searching the web for copyright free images, switching up pre-made layouts – trying different fonts, colors, pictures, ideas, cover photos, etc. etc.  HOURS I tell you! Until (always) it has little or no resemblance at all to the original template. BUT It HAS to balance or I start over.

If they don’t line up for me – it’s no good. I get frustrated and scrap it or start over umpteen million times.  They could be perfectly symmetrical – and not balance for me.

OR then (horrors of horrors) I post it THEN in the reposting – something is out of line! At that point I either delete or give it a big “Chuck” it….  without the “ch” LOL

So, being this is SO SO SO late in the afternoon – I’m going to post the magazine cover here:

png.shades magazine cover 4 hours

After you have appreciated and ooh’d and aaah’d ( would you please?)  Think about YOUR favorite horror/paranormal books – and tell me!

Soon we will get back to our Journal Writing Prompts – as soon as I line them all up again.  THIS was the year to be organized and I’ve yet to start that….   yet…

I’m also always open to suggestions. 🙂

Have an awesome month.



  1. Wow! So you have the cover for the first issue. Now you need to start the magazine.There used to be Fate Magazine (author interviews, true accounts of paranormal experiences, etc.) I think this could take its place. Seriously.


  2. Ok. Ooh, aah! Awesome cover! Really great books – all of them. I liked Paradigm the best 🤓.

    A few that came to mind Immediately are
    Wendy Hudson – Four Steps
    – Mine to Keep
    – Meant to Be Me
    A J Quinn – Show of Force
    – Counting to Zero
    L T Smith – Driving Me Mad
    Lee Winter – Requiem for Immortals
    T L Hart – Walk-In
    Barbara Ann Wright – Fiend Series

    Not all have the paranormal slant but they definitely have the horror/intrigue I think.

    Hang in there Yvonne. I love your books and your blogs.

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