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Enriching your life? Improving your relationships? Losing weight or getting fit? Learning a new skill? Writing 5,000 awesome words a day? Defeating Trump? Valiant endeavors, to be sure. But sometimes, a feeling of overwhelm accompanies the desire.

Where to start? Let me suggest to start with … today. Think about just, today. What will you do, today, toward your desired endeavor? The decisions you make today, big or small will have an impact. The actions you take today can move you forward or set you back. They may seem like insignificant decisions but each choice we make, adds up. Let me give you an example regarding my own weight loss aspirations:

Wife: “Honey, do you want the rest of my pizza crust?”

My usual joking answer: “Sure, hand it over. I know I’m your human disposal.”

Wife: “What about the garlic bread stick?”

Me: “Yup, I’ll take it.”

Most people, 80%, make a decision on what they will eat for supper / dinner after 4:00 p.m. Usually, people don’t plan on what they are going to eat and as a result often choose poorly.  Choices are based on how they feel instead of thinking and planning what is best.  Does this sound like anyone you know?

Wife: “Hey honey, what do you feel like eating?”

Me: “I don’t know. Do we have any pizza left?”

Wife: “No, we finished it up. We’ve got some frozen spaghetti but I don’t think we have any noodles.”

Me: “Want me to pick up some McDonald’s on my way home?”

Wife: “Yeah. I feel like getting some fries this time.”

Instead, what if I started my day with a determination to eat healthy and followed through on a plan for today.  I don’t have to lose 50 pounds in one day. I just have to make food decisions for today. Like, deciding early in the day to eat pizza for supper, deciding to eat only two pieces and remaining firm on not eating more. A small decision, an easy plan, just for today. Not forever. Not overwhelming. Just for today.  The weight loss will take care of itself if you focus on the decisions you make today.

So?  What do you think about living and focusing on today?  If each day is “today” and you take care of your needs each day only, it is clear sailing each day.  And, daily successes add up!

How would your life be different if you took care of your needs today, everyday?

Angela Grace




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