So I have a job that is exempt from stay-at-home. While we have figured out how to get most of our staff working from home, four of us go to the office every day. So my life is kind of the same for a usual April. Busy season basically consists of me moving between home and the office, which is what I’m doing now, with fewer occasional trips to the grocery store. The only difference now is the ubiquitous wipes and hand sanitizer. Although, to be fair, I am normally a champion hand-washer and face non-toucher.

Even though I have a sense of normalcy brought on by busy season, I also have the underlying sense of anxiety that colors every waking moment. Thinking is harder. I use all the thinking energy at work and find myself craving re-reads at home. The gentle sort. The type of books that I remember fondly and in which I can immerse myself and forget the world.

I’m sure I will forget some, but here is my partial list:

The Set Piece by Catherine Lane

Making a Comeback by Julie Blair

Breakthrough by Kris Bryant

And Playing the Role of Herself by KE Lane

Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

Waiting in the Wings by Melissa Brayden

Something in the Wine by Jae

Captain of Industry by Karin Kallmaker

Hotel Liaison by JLee Meyer

Turbulence by EJ Noyes

Blindsided by Karis Walsh

Fire and Ice by Rachel Spangler

When the Stars Sang by Caren Werlinger

The Music and the Mirror by Lola Keeley

Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Rock and a Hard Place by Andrea Bramhall

Poppy Jenkins by Tig Ashton

Sea Legs by KG McGregor

Body Language by Kenna White

Gigolo Girl by Layce Gardner

A Pirate’s Heart by Catherine Friend

Write Your Own Script by AL Brooks


How about you? What are your comfort/old friend reads? The books you turn to for escape?

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay home if you can, be careful if you can’t.


  1. Be safe. I also am rereading books. Anything by Lynn Galli is good. Lee Winters, Estelle Ryan.


  2. stay safe!
    Radclyffe’s Provincetown series and of course her wonderful “Fated Love” are great reads. All of Lynn Galli’s and Jae’s romances. I liked the Provincetown tales of Aurora Rey for a reread. SciFi: Jane Fletcher’s and Fletcher DeLancey’s epic tales are great reads. — I could go on about Jenny Frame, A.L. Brooks, Andrea Bramhall ….. At the moment a revisit and reread old friends and discover new ones. Today while sitting in the garden and enjoying the sun.


  3. My favorite websites while on quarantine.

    http://www.duolingo.com (3rd level spanish, fantastico)
    http://www.academyofbards.org (light reading)
    http://www.xenafiction.net (light reading)
    http://www.Linkedin.com (subscription required for the learning)
    http://www.Mentorbox.com (subscription required for learning)
    http://www.nextdoor.com (what are my neighbors moaning about)
    http://www.myfitnesspal.com (stay fit with 7 min workouts)
    http://www.evernote.com (daily writing journalish, i mean i have like 30 journals I could write in but EVNote lets me link to my Scrivener stuff)
    http://www.Youtube.com (DIY everything, catching up on my life time to do list for my house)
    http://www.bluehost.com (website building, soon so very soon it will be published)
    http://www.twitter.com (#writingcommunity #poetry #vss365 #LGBTQ #COVID)
    http://www.facebook.com (groups lesbianspecfic, lesbecooking, a few others)

    A short immediate list of PDF books I’ve bought in the last year that I’m slogging through.

    How To Write Awesome Dialogue
    The Story Equation
    World-Building Warrior
    The Writers Roadmap – Leigh Shulman
    BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, The – barbdroz
    Crafting Incredible Characters
    Editor’s Eye, The – Stacy Ennis
    Indie Poet Rock Star – Michael La Ronn
    Productivity for Writers November 2019
    The Ten Day Outline – Lewis Jorstad
    Understanding Conflict and What it Really Means

    (Most of these bought through https://infostack.io/ when they sold the writers craft stack)

    If anyone has any additional suggestions…I’m all in for improving my life. And i love to make lists.


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