Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Me:  Kind of a surreal time, aye?

Wife:  It really is.  Never thought that I’d  be adding “lived through a Pandemic” to my list of achievements.

Me:  Seems like some of our friends are kinda grouchy.  Have you notice that?

Wife:  Oh, yeah.

Me:  Think I should tell them about Depletion Theory?

Wife:  Not if you want to live through the pandemic and keep friends.

Me:  But, if people knew that they deplete faster when stressed and depletion leads to not self regulating very well, they might change their strategy for the pandemic.

Wife:  You’ve always been a rebel.  What have our friends said they are doing that has you concerned?

Me:  Yo is smoking pot again.

Wife: It’s legal

Me:  She quit because of her health.  The stress is getting to her.  And Susie said she’s gained 10 pounds with no end in sight….except her tail end.

Wife:  Hmmm. When we Facetimed, I could see bags of chips and M&M’s.

Me:  Right!  And Ann is totally drinking more than she wants.

Wife:  And you’re gonna tell them to change their behavior?

Me:  Uh huh.

Wife: Ok, run it by me. What would you say?  Just telling our friends they are drinking too much and putting on pounds isn’t going to go over so well.

Me: First, I would remind them that I love them. Then, I’d say that when we deplete, we do not self regulate very well.  And, that even though pandemics only come along every hundred years or so,  that is NO excuse for treating their bodies like it’s the last days. Everyone knows that stress makes us tired and irritable.

I’d ask them what purpose sitting in worry and fear has.  And for our friends who are anxious and maybe feeling depressed, I’d tell them to call a therapist.  It’s really easy now.  Most therapists are meeting with clients using a secure virtual network. They talk from the privacy of their own homes.  And, some insurance companies are waving the co-pays and deductible because so many subscribers are unemployed from Covid-19.  That’s just a phone call to the insurance company.  You know our friend.  When this is over, they are going to be upset with themselves!

Then,   I’d suggest filling up their reserves by getting good rest, taking naps, drinking warm tea, that sort of thing. Then,  just doing some movement.  By the way, have you noticed how many new dogs are in the neighborhood?   I would even suggest using this time as an opportunity, like we are. We’re getting so much done that we didn’t have time to do before.

Me: How’d I do?  Any suggestions?

Wife:  Nope!!  Good Luck  Punkin.  Hey, have you seen the Doritos?

**Although this is an easy going blog, for those of you who have experienced the harshness of this pandemic, my wife Dari and I send you Love, Peace and Comfort.

Angela Grace



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  1. Thanks for this. I have found that staying in my routine also helps. Oh, and reading all those books I have on my nightstand. Be gentle folks!


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