Quarantine with a side of Pie

mercy doll amnd book
Mercy doll & Mercy graphic novel. Among other things, I’ve also been playing with dolls this month.

It feels like we’ve been on lockdown here in Madrid for a thousand years. The rhythm of my days already feels eternal, and although there’s plenty of speculation – including some “early May” predictions from hopeful football fans – no one knows when or how this is all going to end. My October and November plans that, weeks ago, I thought with strong confidence would still happen are now dotted with the same question marks as those of late summer.

But we have to look on the bright side, dammit, even if we have to break our necks to get a decent view of said brilliance.

Bright one: I’m baking.
One of the things I’ve enjoyed about living here has been the whole “bakery on nearly every block” phenomenon. Every evening and midday, there’s someone walking around with a baton of bread sticking out of their bag. Although we’re able to leave home to buy food during this quarantine, I’m only going outdoors under the direst of circumstances. So, that means I’m being forced to make my own bread. Yes, forced. In my humble opinion, it’s nigh on impossible to be in-doors for a month plus without inhaling the scent of freshly made bread. Or carrot cake. Or bizcocho. Or crepes…

Bright two: I’m (supposed to be) working.
I have two projects to finish by the end of June. Both of them have been fun to write, both are about complex and sexy queer women, and sometimes both documents are open on my computer at the same time while I gawk at the craziness happening in the world right now. It’s such a crazy and surreal time. It feels like every time I check in with the news, a new level of WTF has been reached. With all this, I’m basically crawling toward my deadlines, but I’ll get there.

One of my favorite recipes these days. I add nuts and or change the yogurt flavor. It’s not too sweet – although I do use about 1/3 less sugar.

Bright three: I’m Netflixing (with an open mind)
Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried things on Netflix I can never un-see. El Hoyo. Hogar. La Casa de los Flores. Not that La Casa was that bad, but I think I went into it expecting that I’d be rooting for at least one of the main characters. So far, they’re all annoying and highly unsympathetic. As a palate cleanser, I watched Jupiter Ascending, again, and though it was as nonsensical as last time, it did its job. Since then, I’ve tried Ex Machina (meh), Tiger King (omg!), Love Death + Robots (interesting), Unorthodox (thumbs up), and Happy (the first season is better than the second). After I finish baking this carrot cake, I might check out the new episodes of Black Lightning.

Are you watching or baking anything interesting?

That’s it from me for now. Be safe, everyone. Stay inside if you can. Protect yourself as best you’re able. And healthcare, postal, and sanitation workers, everyone who’s keeping us going during this crazy AF time – thank you SO much.


  1. Netflixing – Deep Impact, Olympus has fallen, Angel has fallen (anything action packed I think), then there is a little more historical take on The Letter For the King (a series, very good actually), The King (a movie, excellent, charismatic actors). I’m thinking of watching The Last Kingdom or Knightfall (both series).

    Also watched some pixar and re-watched some musicals

    Stay safe.

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    • Yes! Thanks for the action recs. I like when things explode in my movies. I just put Angel has Fallen on my list a couple of days ago and might re-watch the first two in the series. My partner might enjoy The Last Kingdom/Knightfall so I’ll keep those as well.

      You stay safe as well!


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