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A reader’s perspective on a global pandemic.

I don’t watch scary movies. I just sort of knew this about myself after watching the original Ghost Busters when I was a kid and not sleeping well because the librarian scene kept popping up in my pre-sleep thoughts. Of course I had to push that idea as I entered my 20’s and test whether maturity (because I was 20 so of course I was mature and knew everything!) and watched The Vampire Diaries. Nope. Had to sleep with the light on for the next week. But books never really seemed to be a possible source of horror for me. Books are my escape and if you want some great escape stories check out Ann Etter’s suggestions from last week here! Yes, I know there is a whole genre filled with horror, even in LesFic, but I just never ventured to far into it. Except I apparently had because some of these stories seem to be coming true!

Has anyone read In the Blood by Lauren Wright Douglas? I read it back in the late 90’s and then waited and waited for the sequel which I don’t think was ever released. But check out the first couple of lines of the blurb and you can see why I am freaking out a bit here! “It is the near future. America, accidental victim of biological warfare, is under forcible quarantine by a world desperate to protect itself from a savage virus aptly named the Red Death.” Ok, so our pandemic is completely global, but there are some crazy accurate similarities in the story including a part in the prologue where the fictional current president of the US states, “There is no emergency.” Is that what happened to us? We just didn’t want to admit that there was an emergency and go into a full on panic? (total side note- this story seems to be out of print but used copies are available at some random prices).

Or more recently, Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou’s Dying to Live Dying to Live (Elite Operatives series Book 4) by [Kim Baldwin, Xenia Alexiou] from the Elite Operative Series. Part of this story focuses around, “a mysterious new virus that is racing across the globe, killing indiscriminately.” In order to protect themselves, people are wearing face masks. I mean crazy right?! Every time I leave the house I am covering my face! Agh! I hate being in a pandemic! But overall, I really love this series with all it’s adventures and kick-ass women! Even this one, with all it’s pandemic panic is pretty freaking awesome! I just wish we could duplicate the conclusion after 382 pages of intense excitement and have our real pandemic be over already.

Daughters of an Emerald Dusk by [Katherine V. Forrest]And Southern California is not behaving well at all. Not the people, the actual area of Southern California specifically the San Andreas Fault earthquake fault line. It is NOT behaving well! The past several weeks we have been having rumbles coming through ranging up to 4.9! And the epi-center is only 31 miles away. Geez! Can I get a break here from my constant panic! I feel like the world is rebelling or something, which of course makes me think about the planet Maternas in Katherine V. Forrest’s spectacular conclusion to the Daughters series in Daughters of an Emerald Dusk. And because it is a final in the series and I hate giving away potential spoilers I am going to just leave it at that. But don’t worry, you will LOVE this series and probably even end up buying a telescope so that you can start searching the night skies to find a Maternas or something- because I mean who wouldn’t?!

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t be pushing into my anxiety any more than I have with this whole global pandemic but these stories are pretty bad-ass with amazing, powerful, strong, caring, lesbian women and an underlying idea of let’s freaking help each other! Ok, now I have to go think about puppies, unicorns, baby goats and daisy’s! Unless all you amazing reader’s out there want to suggest more lesfic stories for me to read! That is something I’m always happy about!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And virtually hug everyone!!!

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  1. Erin, I can’t believe that you still have your copies of these classics. Lack of space made me donate or give many of my books from the the 80’s and 90’s away. Kind of sad.

    It is odd that one can read things and not bat an eyelash but leave the room or find the closest blanket to cover up if the same thing is on the screen/TV. Totally different thresholds.

    Stay safe!


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