Autism Awareness? By Jax Meyer (plus a free book)

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Today we’re joined by Jax Meyer, and, because she’s awesome like that, she’s giving away some books (details below). Drop a comment into the space below to enter the drawing. We’ll pick the winner on Wednesday, 4/29/2020.

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In case you’ve lost track, it’s April. And in the time before the Great Pause (much more amusing to say than the alternatives), April was known as Autism Awareness Month. But times have changed and so has my focus.

It’s hard to be aware of the outside world when barely living in it. Most of us have been isolated in our homes, our sphere of awareness shrinking drastically. At the same time we have to navigate the ever changing rules of society and make the best decisions for ourselves and our families. Where is their room to also learn about an unfamiliar group of people, like people on the autism spectrum?

Personally I’ve been pulling back from the online realm which helped me become aware of other aspects of my life. Instead of wasting hours scrolling the infinite feed, I’d notice my boredom, get up and do something that made me happy. The more I did this, the easier it was to make more choices that made me happy. I started practicing yoga, qigong, and even meditating.

Each choice brought me closer to myself. Now I feel almost completely unaware of the world, but I’m increasingly aware of myself. So what if I’m not talking much about autism during the dictated month? I talk about autism throughout the year. That doesn’t change now that I frequently lose track of the month, not just the days. 

I encourage you to take a moment to breathe. Then ask yourself, what am I aware of now? What have I learned about myself in the past month? Don’t ask with judgment, but curiosity. 

The world most of us inhabits places unrealistic pressure on people to always be productive and doesn’t value down time. The past month has tossed that cultural story out the window. For the first time we have permission to stay home and do whatever we want, as long as it follows social distancing guidelines. That means you have permission to spend time learning who you are now, and where you want to be in the future. And seriously, I’ll write you out a permission slip if you need it.

Take the time to notice what you’ve been focusing on. Does it light you up? If not, there are many ways to rein in your brain. If you don’t know where to start, here are some recommendations. 

April-2020-Untamed-by-Glennon-DoyleUntamed by Glennon Doyle – I unabashedly LOVE this book. In fact, I have a tattoo artist working on a design that will result in Glennon’s four keys permanently embedded in my skin. For anyone who wants to be free from societal expectations, this book is a must read. But even if that isn’t your thing normally, Glennon and her wife Abby Wambach have one of the best instalove stories I’ve ever read. 

What I also love about this book is that Glennon isn’t perfect. She gives real examples of both the good and the bad of her life, which I find inspiring. This book and her prior, Love Warrior, helped me overcome some of my resistance to meditation and yoga. 

I recommend listening to Glennon’s books if you have that option. Her reading adds layers to the story that a separate narrator couldn’t. Especially when she tells her and Abby’s story. 

f22-180416-meditation-skeptic-coverMeditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris is the perfect book for people like me who struggle with meditation and feel they just can’t do it. I’m not a skeptic, but I appreciate the pragmatic language and realistic approach that is often missing from other meditation books. As I listened to it, I found myself motivated to start meditating again, just five minutes a day. 

I’m quite pleased that this book finally kicked off my meditation practice. And as a bonus, I’ve discovered meditation is easier now that I take medication for ADHD. Obviously that isn’t an option for everyone, but this book is geared toward even those who really struggle with meditation. 

This book is popular enough to be in most libraries. The audiobook is entertaining and enjoyable, with both Dan and Jeff, his meditation partner, narrating.

If all this is too much and you just want to escape, why not check out my series A Marine’s Heart? The first three books follow Cam Warren through twenty years of her life, before, during and after she learns she’s autistic. As much as the series focuses on love and romance, it’s just as much the story of a woman becoming aware of herself. Perhaps Cam can be the catalyst for your own self awareness.

Have you added self care to your routine? Have you read any of the books mentioned above? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win an ebook copy of books 1-3 of the Marine’s Heart series (Dal Segno, A Marine Awakening, and A Marine Discovery). 20year_journey

Headshot 300x214Jax Meyer is an autistic lesbian romance author. Their new release, A Marine Discovery, includes the process of Cam realizing she’s autistic while her girlfriend is deployed. You can find the series, A Marine’s Heart, on Amazon. Jax can be reached at, @butchjax on Twitter, and on Facebook.



  1. Self care has been in my routine for years, on my do to list with some days going without ‘getting to’ some of it. Now it’s even more apparent how beneficial it is do to, how little time it actually takes and matters more than most things that ‘got in the way’ of it and ate away the time in days past.
    I haven’t read any of the books in your post but now have more titles to add to my reading list once the library reopens.

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  2. I to can’t seem to meditate. I may try your book suggestion. These days I feel very anxious and I find it very difficult to relax. Thanks.

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    • It’s a challenging time for everyone. I’ve found it very beneficial to go for a walk every day, be more active than normal, and do my short meditations. Some days it’s not easy, so I try something else. Life is one big experiment right now. Best of luck to you!


  3. Sax, thanks for the recommendations. I have never found a method for meditation that has kept my inner skeptic or fidgeter at bay long enough to get any benefit. I’ll check out this one for sure.

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    • It definitely helps to recognize the science which shows immense benefit from very little meditation time. But since what we usually hear is to meditate for a long time, that we should be quiet, and that it includes weird terminology and stuff… it’s no wonder a lot of people don’t bother.

      As little as a minute of focused breathing helps. Five minutes a day is my goal and it makes a difference. I’ve never been this consistent before, but having realistic expectations helps so much!

      Good luck!


  4. I have taken up gardening w my adult son. We built the raised beds from reclaimed pallets, various “trash” and scraps we found. It has been great bonding w him!

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  5. I’ve also just started to do yoga during the Great Pause 😊 thanks for the recommendations above will see if I can add them to my audio library. Take care and be safe

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  6. I mostly read. It relaxes me and keeps my mind in the story not what’s in daily life. I used to do yoga and might have to come back to it. I feel like my body jeeds it. Now that is warmer out, I like working outside. Even cutting lawn makes me feel better.
    When it comes to books listed, I haven’t read those. However when it coned to your books, I haven’t read your last A Marine Discovery.

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    • The warmer weather does make it easier to simply move and be active. We’re outside every day at some point. I hope you’ll give yoga another try, especially if your body is asking for it. It will help. As does reading. 🙂


  7. Audio books oon long walks has become my go-to form of self-care. I’m inching up my library’s hold list on Untamed on audiobook; can’t wait to get it!!

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  8. Thanks for sharing Jax. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the first book in your series and the second is in my to-read stack on my ereader. I will get to it eventually. If you’re offering the set of 3 books to one reader leave me out of the drawing as I have the first two. I suspect I’ll get the third after I’ve read the second 🤓.

    These crazy days are certainly changing a lot of things for most people. I’m retired and spend most of my time at home reading so my routines haven’t changed all that much. Although I haven’t been past the end of my driveway for 7 or 8 weeks now. Have a relative willingly to pick up and deliver groceries and anything else I might need. Reading material is always in ebooks so they’re readily available.

    Stay healthy and safe and keep writing.


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  9. Heya Jax! I’ve been really bummed about the GCLS conference being cancelled. I was hoping to meet you & chat about your books, maybe get some signed! But I have taken up cycling on our Nordicktrack Grand Tour stationary bike to take my mind off things I can’t control. It’s helping me unplug from all the craziness & get in shape for Orlando next year! Be well & thanks for the chance to win your ebooks!

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    • I’m so bummed too. But we’re doing everything we can to be in Orlando next year. Our daughter will be 6, so it’s the perfect age for Disney. I can make it a work and family trip. Lucky for me, GCLS is in Denver in 2022 so I’ll have a nice short commute.

      The cycling sounds nice. That’s one thing I haven’t been able to do since my regular bike has a flat. I’ll just get in shape in other ways. See you next year! Also, if you end up in Colorado, bring your books and we can meet up to get them signed. 🙂


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