Lockdown Pursuits

Bread 10042020 (3)
100% Wholemeal Bread

Since my last post, the UK has mostly been in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bread flour became a very scarce commodity even before the full restrictions began, but I snagged myself a bag of strong wholemeal from a deli close to my parents’ house that had received a delivery just before my visit. I hadn’t made bread completely by hand in years, but I figured that as lots of events I’d normally be going to at weekends were being cancelled and since we office staff had already been told to work from home to reduce our contact with the factory workers, then I needed to bake stuff I could eat by myself, rather than my usual cakes and buns for sharing out.

Bread 19042020 (6)
50:50 White and Wholemeal Bread

My first loaf turned out pretty well, and I’ve since managed to track down a bag of strong white flour, giving myself a variety of options to test out. Next up was a 50:50 mix of white and wholemeal, which rose quickly, but may have been a little too moist and so ended up a bit flatter than my wholemeal loaf. Still tasty, though.

When not baking, or trying out other new recipes (mostly involving venison, which seems easier to source than high welfare lamb via my usual delivery service), I’ve been adding a lot of extra patches, badges and trinkets to my Fabulous Jacket of Fabulousness, which I originally started customising during Pride Season last year, as well as doing a bit more work on my various steampunk costumes.

Jacket 15042020 (4)
Jacket Front View

I’m considering turning my hand to cross stitch, inspired by this collection of feminist, fannish and mental health designs from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. At some point I should really tackle the gardening and the housework. In the midst of all that, I have the day job, the cats, and the ponies, to keep me busy, and we’ve had some glorious weather, which has meant I’ve not had the car out in weeks. I’ve been walking up to the ponies, and doing all my shopping at places within walking distance, instead of driving to those places as part of another journey.

How’s all this affecting everyone else? Are we all trying new things, or just stressing a lot (which, to be honest, I have also been doing)? Anyone else set up new social media profiles? I’m now on Twitter and Instagram.

Jacket 15042020 (13)
Jacket Back View


  1. Love the jacket! I have a big grey blanket that I’m covering with patches – the trouble is that I’m not getting out to buy any at the moment. I wonder if someone’s created a lockdown one…


    • Thanks! I have a blanket too. Some of the patches date back to when I was a preteen, and I’m still adding to it.

      I’ve seen various lockdown related patches for sale online (and got a Corvid-19 one on order), so thats definitely happening already.


  2. Doing fine here – I’d like to eat a meal I haven’t cooked myself, but otherwise Lynne and I haveboth been working from home since mid-March and we’re handling it pretty well I’d say.


    • Brilliant stuff. I’ve been substituting venison or muntjac for lamb and mutton in a variety of recipes. My freezer may end up completely full at some point soon.


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