Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, April-May 2020



I know we’ve been in lockdown for a while but SERIOUSLY WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE????? We’re talking about MAY, now? WTF.

I hope everybody is hanging in there. I’m not going to presume that everything’s okay, because ffs, it’s not and a lot of us know it’s not but we’re still trying to share the luv and take care of ourselves and each other as we can. I salute each and every one of you.

So hopefully seeing what kinds of cool books are coming up will take your mind off stuff for a while.


And per usual, if you know of a book that came out in April or will be coming out in May, let us know at the contact link above and we’ll add it.

Stay safe, friends.


  1. Thanks Andi…in times when nothing else is normal, this blog…this site is a beacon of light. Just want to say ‘Thanks’.


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