So I haven’t been reading many new books lately. My brain has been all over the place.

I did enjoy Lola Keeley’s new book A Roll in the Hay, and Georgia Beers’s new book Flavor of the Month, and Cheyenne Blue’s new book All at Sea. I’ve been enjoying some re-reads, too, such as Jeannie Levig’s A Wish Upon A Star.

But mostly I’ve been staring into space some, and working some, and crying some, and baking a little, and embroidering a little, and walking some, and trying to keep it all together. One thing that has helped a lot are Zoom events. I am lucky enough to have creative friends with fun ideas. 96A96DBE-932A-4706-BF03-B2BFB00B42B0

One group of friends gets together every Saturday night and reads from a short, funny script. I spend an hour laughing, and manage to forget for a bit. Last night I was part of a large community event. I even got to help organize it. This community gets together once a year at a very special place. While there we sing, dance, laugh, love, chat, play games, walk, eat, sit on the porch, and mostly just enjoy each other’s company. We won’t get to do that this summer. Our special place is closed.

But last night we got together, using the magic of Zoom. About 100 of us watched a baker’s dozen of our friends-who-are-family sing, dance, present, draw, and make music. And we cheered. And we chatted. And we sang together (not recommended on Zoom, but fun nevertheless). And for two hours I forgot everything but the magic of community.DF92EDEE-2812-4F0C-BDCD-2DA5B46CAB73

We have had several opportunities in the WLW literature world to connect also. Bold Strokes Books ran a three day event last weekend. Bella Books authors and Bold Strokes authors appeared as part of the Curve Festival. Clare Ashton and Susan X Meagher have both been reading their works aloud on-line. There are opportunities everywhere if you have an internet connection and a device. I am so grateful for this wonderful community of readers, authors, and narrators.

I have always appreciated books for their escape properties. The ability to take me out of the world. I still appreciate that. I’m also learning to appreciate the connection that these on-line events bring. The connection I used to take so much for granted that I often disconnected, being easily overwhelmed by too many people, too much connection. Now I am grateful for both.

I hope that you are all finding ways to connect in this enforced world of disconnection.1E0C2191-170C-4251-80DF-A658CDA32722



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  1. I love the photos you’ve included here, Ann. They make me want to be on a porch overlooking a rocky shore, with good friends on Zoom. Hugs to you.


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