Sunshine and new words!

A reader’s perspective on how to make positivity a new word!

I’m not really good with change. I know there are people out there who thrive on change and can find those silver linings in pretty much every situation, but I don’t think I’m one of those people. Yet. I’m working on it, and every day I try to wake up with the message, “today is going to be a good day.” My therapist taught me to add on, when needed, “somehow!” Each day is getting better and I am actually trying to keep my sights on the present and not allow my anxiety to get out of control thinking about the end of sheltering-in-place/quarantine that is somewhere in our future. That sounds weird, I’m sure, but again, it’s going to be a time of massive change and since I can’t even imagine what that is going to look like other than not what my life used to be pre-pandemic, the thought can be anxiety inducing. I’m working on it though! And reading about super positive characters help a lot! Except I kind of stumped myself on this one. I can only  come up with two lesfic stories. I NEED HELP! These are the stories that put some sunshine in my life and made me smile while reading.

Poppy Jenkins Everyone in the village of Wells knows that Poppy Jenkins can always be counted on for a smile, kind word and assistance of any kind. Clare Ashton writes a fantastic character in Poppy Jenkins making the story incredibly charming and reader’s can’t help but crush a bit on her. I have my own light of sunshine in my wife, who, like Poppy, always has a nice word to say about everyone and can find the positive in most every situation. What Kim doesn’t like, though, is conflict, much like Poppy Jenkins, and that is where the page turning comes in to play for all you readers out there. Once you start this story, I would put aside enough time to finish it because, well, you will feel so good reading it and want Poppy to get her HEA so bad that you won’t want to put the book down.

The second story I found with a character that was unbreakable in spirit and positivity (can I make that a word?) is The Music and the Mirror by [Lola Keeley]The Music and the Mirror by Lola Keeley. Anna is so incredibly positive with her interactions, especially with Victoria, that as a reader I couldn’t help but smile and cheer her on. With looks and actions directed at her that would have me thinking of doomy and gloomy things, Anna rises to the challenge to impress and does it with a smile. A smile that drives her mentor crazy in many, many ways! This was my first story by Lola Keeley but she did a fantastic job of connecting me with Anna and from that experience a little bit of positivity (definitely a word now!) came my way!

But now I’m stumped! I know there are more stories out there with main characters filled with happiness and the ability to bring positive to every challenge, I just can’t think of them. Please help me, oh amazing readers! Share with me your favorite positive LesFic characters and the stories they are found in!! I can’t wait to get more amazing reading material!!


  1. Have you tried books by Robin Alexander? I particularly like The Lure of White Oak Lake and The Magic of White Oak Lake. And what about Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh? Oh, and the By Design series and Special Delivery series by JA Armstrong.

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    • Margaret B thank you so much for reading! I absolutely LOVE Robin Alexander’s work and am often suffering from belly aches from laughing so hard! I’ve also really enjoyed Karis Walsh though find that there is usually a troubling moment in the stories that makes them powerful. And honestly I have not read anything by JA Armstrong yet so thank you for that recommendation!!


  2. I’ll second Margaret’s suggestion of Robin Alexander’s books. Others that I would suggest off the top of my head are books by Clare Lyndon and Natasha West who both lean to romantic comedy in their novels. Stay safe!

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    • Hey Danielle my book-a-holic friend! Which are your favorites that I should add to my shopping car immediately by Natasha West (haven’t read her yet) and Clare Lyndon (read a couple of hers)?


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