Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Dear Authors:

There are questions that we can ask ourselves that may move us forward in our careers during this  pandemic.

Let’s do a pandemic-strategic-life changing-critical questions-flowchart                                  using the “7 A’s”

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have enough situational awareness to make informed decisions for your life?

Are you prepared to accept more years of change, like social distancing, that will come as a result of the pandemic?

If you are going to adapt, what is your plan?

What is stopping you from taking action, right now?

How can you ethically gain an advantage and advance?

Are you a quitter or will you re-evaluate, adjust, and try again?

Do you appreciate all that you have?
Taking an inventory of where we are at emotionally, physically and spiritually matters.  I encourage you to spend time working the questions, thinking about and feeling your answers.

Angela Grace