It’s Like Reading, but With Pictures

This feels like a comics kind of week. Long time no see! Now that time is wibbly-wobbly and doesn’t follow the traditional sense of physics, I have found myself with chunks of free time. And what better way to spend them than reading. While I already did a couple of book recommendations I realized I hadn’t really talked about comics. Comics are a daunting topic. There are so many of them, and many date back to decades upon decades and still going strong, and there are alternate realities, and reboots, and comic magic that makes no sense but kinda does I guess? So here’s an easier way to start, that requires zero comic knowledge, and encounters no messy plot lines with decades of expectations weighing them down.

Saga. I cannot recommend this one enough (although quick disclaimer, it is a bit explicit and deals with heavy topics such as drug abuse, trafficking, war crimes, and probably a bunch of other stuff). The story starts off as a more mature Romeo and Juliet origin. The two leads are on separate sides of a war. Their love is illegal, and so is the child they have. It’s a cat and mouse after that, and as a bigger cast builds the world expands and the story evolves. The comic is beautiful. Like seriously, its so pretty. Highly recommend!


Then there’s Paper Girls. It’s Stranger Things meets Goonies. The story follows four friends, all of whom work the paper route, as strange things start to happen in their world. Time bends, monsters tear through reality, and future meets past. It is also a pretty comic. Holy cow is it pretty.


I don’t know if this next one really needs an introduction, but Lumberjanes. If you enjoy badass ladytypes and queers this comic is for you. It’s got feminist puns, it’s got gender fuckage, it’s got broken gender norms and one stressed out counselor. It’s fun to read for both adults and kids.


Let’s do some rapidfire ones too cause these ones just speak for themselves. Like really. They’re great.

Bitch Planet – a prison planet full of women, need I say more?


CosmoKnights – space gays, but like also knights.


Mooncakes – a witch and a werewolf reunite and bad things need fixing. It’s soft. Everyone likes soft.


So here you go. No need to commit to a heavy load of canon, but like indulge yourselves in great storytelling. I’m hoping that y’all find something you like here. Let me know if you think there’s any I need to check out! Stay safe and healthy!


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