Lockdown Continues

Jacket 07052020 (3)
Fabulous Jacket of Fabulousness showing off sleeve additions.

The UK is still mostly in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, although some restrictions have changed in the various countries. So, in England, we can now exercise outside as often as we like, and can meet up with one friend at a time outdoors, so long as we stay at least two metres apart. It’s nice to be able to have ice cream dates by the canal again (hey, we’re British, we can eat ice cream in any weather and any setting), but I miss hugs and museums and markets: I’m a very tactile person normally.

Bread 09052020 (8)
Multigrain bread with marmalade.

I’m still baking and sewing. I spotted my friend’s favourite flour on a supermarket shelf recently and grabbed two bags so we could both make multigrain bread and then compare notes: she uses sour dough and I use yeast.

One of my young colleagues has left us to go and work in Manchester, so I supplied a cake for the debrief on his last day. I used another friend’s recipe out of her 1950s cookbook, and tested it for myself first: most of that one is now in my freezer as individual slices, while my former colleague took most of his away with him.

Veg Box 23042020 (3)
Abel and Cole Cook’s Ingredient Box

I’m trying new savoury recipes too. As my organic delivery service returns somewhat to normal, I am trialling one of their more adventurous boxes once a month, and now know at least two recipes for plantains.

Lebanese Rice and Lentils 28042020 (2)
Lebanese Rice and Lentils

Their Instagram is also a great source of ideas, as is that of a colleague who runs cookalongs and bakealongs on a weekly basis for family and friends. Tonight I’m going to try making his Masala Omelette Rolls with Smokey Baked Beans.

Sewingwise, I’ve added more patches to my jacket, and am about to embark on my first cross stitch in a number of years. It’s a present for a friend, and the text is very apt. I also fancy making some coasters using up the vast collection of pieces of string that I’ve been saving from my organic box deliveries. Again, the design comes from Instagram.

In some ways it feels like I’m busier than ever. I’m not going out, but I’ve been socialising with several of my usual groups via Zoom, Google Meet and Discord. I’ve also been following various virtual events online from agricultural shows to literary festivals to celebrations and commemorations of LGBT+ and GRT history.

Goodies from Holly Cooks 18042020 (3)
Sweet and Savoury Treat Box from Holly Cooks

I’ve even made new local contacts: Holly Cooks has a food delivery service providing twice weekly boxes of sweet and savoury baked goods. My first box was amazing, and I need to treat myself to another next month.

Obviously I’m looking forward to a time when I can get out and about normally again, and I’m going to have lots of new photographs of exciting places for you all eventually, but for now we’re in this situation and we all need to support each other, even if that’s just by sharing kind words and cute pictures – or by hunting down vegan mayo in the supermarket for two friends who struggle to get to that side of town now public transport is so limited.

Jacket 07052020 (9)
Fabulous Jacket of Fabulousness showing new patches on back
Jacket 07052020 (7)
Fabulous Jacket of Fabulousness showing new patches on front
Fabulous Jacket of Fabulousness showing off new patches on back and sleeves

Anyone been doing new stuff this month? What do you find yourselves missing the most in these strange times?


  1. I have not been doing an awful lot. I am trying not to bake much as hubby is a diabetic and it’s not good for him (or my waistline LOL). We go for a drive now and then. I spend a lot of time on social media – though that has lessened somewhat this past week or so. I live in Alberta and it’s been about the same here. Things will begin opening up again soon. I am not sure how I feel about that. Part of me is anxious to see my son and daughter, but the other part is still a bit fearful of a second wave.


    • I know what you mean. It’ll be a while before I see my parents, because Dad’s classed as very vulnerable due to having recently had brain surgery, but I’m happy to finally see some of my friends even if we have to keep our distance.

      I’ve seen other people being less careful so, like you, I’m fearful of either a second wave or a retightening of lockdown to prevent one happening.

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  2. There’s a LOT of baking (and other cooking) going on here, and we too are getting the “Cook’s Ingredient” boxes every couple of weeks. I recommend slcing your plantain, frying it in butter, coating it in maple syrup and then adding a massive scoop of rum and raisin ice cream, personally!

    I have to say that what’s getting to me is the fact that since March 16th I have not eaten a single meal I didn’t cook myself! I want to go and sit at a restuarant table, with proper cloths and napkins and have someone bring me food and wine that I haven’t had to prepare!

    Also, I really, really want to hug people!


    • Great tip, thanks!

      I’m also missing the work canteen. Having to cook proper food and wash up after on nights when I have Zoom events seems to take up more time and energy than travelling to and from the same events when they happen in person.

      I’m going to hug so many people as soon as I get the chance.

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  3. One advantage of being crumbly is we’d already begun to learn to focus on what we can do rather than yearn for what we can’t, so that’s helped us to adapt to circumstances. Lots of cooking going on and some excellent new recipes added to the repertoire including Frobscottle (watercress soup), vegetarian pasties and cauliflower fritters.


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