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A reader’s perspective on proper substitutions for going to the movie during COVID-19

It’s starting to get hot where I live and by that I mean it’s creeping into the triple digits already. I great way to combat the heat is to sit in air conditioning for a couple of hours and watch a movie. I miss movies. Well, not movies but being in a movie theater and watching a movie. Though to be honest, I can’t recall the last really good movie I saw. What about all you readers- what’s the last really good movie you saw in a theater?

Well, since I can easily distract myself and occupy my time in other ways, I found myself reading a bunch of Hollywood based stories (or listening to them as I multi-tasked household cleaning). Some, I know, have been out for awhile but they were new to me and they were awesome! And everyone can give me a super hard time for not reading them earlier, I won’t even care!

And Playing the Role of Herself by [K. E. Lane]And what is this long overdue to be read story? K.E. Lane’s And Playing the Role of Herself which was the 2008 GCLS Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award winner. I can understand why! It was funny- the interactions with Liz were perfectly written to have me laughing out loud (which can be embarrassing when one is washing dishes with headphones on). Overall the story moves so well between friendship between Caidence and Robyn into something more that I think I had the book listened to in about 2 days. I just couldn’t turn it off! It normalized the Hollywood world and even though there wasn’t a lot of time spent on the set, I still felt like I didn’t need to miss watching a movie in the theater while listening to it.

Another excellent read/listen was Elle Spencer’s Casting Lacey Casting Lacey by [Elle Spencer] which had not only the Hollywood glamour but the fake relationship twist as well. The way that Lacey and Quinn went back and forth regarding acting on a soap opera being real acting was awesome! And is it? I mean Lacey’s character had to be a twin and a doctor and whole slew of other personalities/trades and she had to personify all of them believably. It was truly lovely to listen to and again, try not to embarrass myself by laughing out loud with headphones on.

Damage Control (The Hollywood Series Book 2) by [Jae]The above two stories were ones that I’ve found in the past two weeks. So one of my favorite Hollywood stories (and there are a lot out there that are great reads) that was a sweet slow burn was Jae’s  Damage Control. Jae always gives her readers an amazing slow burn that allows the reader to connect with the characters while they fall in love and the Grace and Lauren’s story is no different. Except that we were in the glamours of Hollywood and the not so glamorous parts. I mean how much does it suck that actors can’t really come out?

I know there are some great Hollywood/movie LesFic stories out there and I would love to hear what your favorites are! Share so my wish list can get out of control again!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Have you watched the Netflix series, “Hollywood?” The plot is improbable and it’s filled with anachronisms, but it will hold your attention for a few evenings. And…several of the actors (and characters) are LGBTQ. If you enjoy reading info. about film history, you might want to get a copy of Vito Russo’s book, “The Celluloid Closet.”

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    • I hadn’t heard of the “Hollywood?” series but will definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendation Renee! And I vaguely remember a movie “The Celluloid Closet” but hadn’t realized it was based off of a book. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for reading!


  2. I’m not really a movie fan but I enjoy reading good stories about Hollywood and Stage actors. ‘And Playing the Role of Herself” is a favorite as is all of Jae’s Hollywood series. So I’ll have to add “Departure from the Script” and Just Physical” to your list. Others that come immediately to mind are:

    Lynn Ames – “All That Lies Within”
    Lisa Girolami – “Love On Location”
    Karin Kallmaker – “Stepping Stone” and “Captain of Industry”
    Lee Winter – “Breaking Character” and “Changing the Script”

    Enjoy your movie fantasies and stay safe!



    • *super happy sigh* Jae’s Hollywood series is pretty fantastic. It was kind of hard to just pick one. I haven’t read Lee Winter’s books that you mentioned thanks for reminding me cw as I loved her Red Files stories. Oh and I haven’t read Lisa Girolami’s story either! Thanks for reading!


  3. It is so great when readers weigh in with comments! I’ll for sure check out the Netflix “Hollywood” now. I can second most of the other books people have suggested and can add a few more for you. Keep in mind these don’t include novels with characters that are celebrity theatre based or (operatic) but are slanted towards movie or television. In no particular order:

    A.L. Brooks – Write Your Own Script
    Diane Marina – After the Glitter Fades
    Lesley Davis – Star Struck
    Fiona Riley – Media Darling
    Susan X Meagher – Fame
    Beth Moore – Out of the Fire
    Chris Paynter – Survived by her Longtime Companion

    Stay Safe!

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