I don’t even know what to say anymore. After decades of civil rights movements, we’re still fighting. For people of color, for women, for LGBT+, etc., etc. Why? Why are people filled with so much hate? Why can’t the haters see that we’re all part of the same human race, regardless of the differences?

Why can’t people see that everybody should be treated equitably? White, black, gay, straight, Jews, Christians, Muslims, rich, poor, men, women. Why should people of color not have the same right to live as whites? Why should a gay person not have the same right to a job as a straight person? Why should a Jew not be able to go out without finding their car vandalized with a swastika? Why shouldn’t a woman get the same pay as a man?

Does ANY of this make any sense to anyone? How do the rich, white, hetero, Christian male fuckers justify this shit?

I have nothing else to say.


  1. Excellent article. Wish there was a way for it to go viral. This is 2020. We should all be getting along. No labels. Why is abortion still an issue? It’s political in my opinion. Keep us divided is the mindset of the hetero white male. If not, he loses his power. Time to take his power away. Elect women. We are stronger and smarter. Like your cookbook. Sally

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