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Hi, friends!

Today is the official release date of Gill McKnight’s revised edition of the first in her Wallops series, Welcome to the Wallops.

And to celebrate this, we contacted Gill to answer some questions about Wallops AND we’re doing an ebook giveaway! We’ll draw a couple of winners (maybe a couple more…?) on Wednesday, June 10th at 9 PM EDT U.S. All you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and BOOM you’re entered in the drawing.

What’s this second-chance romcom about?


Here you go:

The villages of High Wallop and Lesser Wallop have graced either end of the Wallop valley since medieval times. And competition between the two has never ceased since, especially over the famous Cheese and Beer festival.

As festival manager, Jane Swallow has always struggled to maintain peace and equanimity within the community she loves, but this year everything is wrong. Her irascible father has just been released from jail, her job is on the line, and to top it all her ex-girlfriend has just moved in next door.

Her life is going to hell in a handcart unless she can pull off some sort of miracle.

And look, we’ve got Gill on the line, now!

Hi, Gill! So…where did you get the idea for Wallops?

I wanted to write A) a UK setting B) a contemporary romance, both things I seldom do being primarily a UF/paranormal writer. And I lived in Sussex for many years and know it well, so why not remodel the Wallops to suit.

Speaking of remodeling, is there any property currently available in Wallops? LOL

The third cottage on Rectory Row is coming onto the market soon. The London owners have bought a gites in France and want to free up some funds. But beware, you might find Whistlestop sniffing around your garden gate if you bought this house – unless you have a cat, then he won’t go anywhere near it.

Good tips. Heh. Sum up “Welcome to the Wallops” in one sentence.

Cosy contemporary romance about second chances, the communities we live in, and neurotic greyhounds.

One particular neurotic greyhounds named Whistlestop! Okay, so if the Beer and Cheese festival in Lesser Wallops actually had a winning beer and cheese, what would they be?

The beer would be a pint of ‘Wet-nosed Whippet’, brewed by the local micro brewery where Wendy’s brother Will works. The cheese would be ‘The Yodelling Doe’ by local cheese maker Eloise Brunner. The reader hasn’t met her yet as she’s in the upcoming Winter in the Wallops. Eloise lives on the western slopes of the valley and imports Saanen goats from Switzerland for her cheese making, hence the yodelling

I am so here for this festival. But what’s next for the Wallops?

Winter is coming, so why not curl up with Winter in the Wallops, where Renata and Amanda’s research bring them closer to the source of the Pu spring head which seems to start in the middle of a goat farm. A TV crew arrives in the Wallops, and Wendy has to make a big decision about her birth mother.

Now THAT sounds amazing, Gill. I love me some Wallops books. All right, friends! Leave a comment below to get in on the drawing for an ebook copy of Welcome to the Wallops (rev. 2nd edition)!

Gill McKnight is Irish but spends as much time as possible in Lesbos, Greece, which she considers home. She can often be found traveling back and forth between Greece and Ireland in arusty old camper van with her rusty wee dog. Gill enjoys writing, gardening, and, by necessity, some easy DIY. You can learn more about her HERE.

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Hope everyone is staying safe as they can, and please help others as you can during these times.


  1. This sounds like it’s right up my alley and a great way to escape for a few hours.


  2. Count me in, Loved the book first time round be interesting to see what changes have been made.
    Stay safe


  3. Ah, Gill, I’m so glad you’re still at it. I have a feeling Cate knows every word you write too.


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