TV Time

With quarantine giving so many of us some free time, I’ve found myself with a rekindled want to watch tv. For the past five, six years, I wasn’t really able to watch movies and shows for enjoyment, mostly because I didn’t have big chunks of free time. While yes, I did have a bunch of it, my recreation hours weren’t so much hours as they were tiny chunks of sporadic voids, so the closest I would get to tv is watching youtube. It let me watch in minute intervals, and get back to it easily and readily, while shows required much more effort.

So this past month I’ve been catching up on things, and enjoying some quick watches that I thought some of y’all might find fun and interesting. Here’s two that I really enjoyed this past week!


If you’re a fan of “Stranger Things” and “End of the Fucking World”, “I’m Not Okay With This” is the show for you. And even if you’re not a fan of those (which is the category I fall into, mostly because I got distracted from finishing either of them) it’s still a great show to spend a day binging. There’s great dynamics between the characters, there are themes exploring depression and alienation, there’s some superpowered shenanigans. What more would you want?


Now, I’m not a huge fan of animation, (I just get very bored while watching it, even if it’s a story that I’d eat up in other formats) but I did watch She-Ra on Netflix, just as I’m assuming many of you did. If that’s a wildly wrong assumption, then my apologies, but like Noelle Stevenson created it, so that’s enough of a praise in itself. Also she guest-played as a werebear on Critical Role so she’s like badass regardless. And if you’re a person who liked She-Ra then you’ll love “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts”. Not only is Karen Fukuhara the VA for Kipo, but it’s just like really fun and season two is only a few days away. The music is excellent, the plot is a post-apocalyptic cauldron of weirdness, the characters are easy to love, and most importantly the colors are pretty. It’s like a combo of “Adventure Time” and “Last Kids on Earth”. Wow, for a person who started this paragraph with saying how I don’t really enjoy animation, I seem to know a lot of animated shows, hmmm.

I started “Atypical” and really want to resume watching “Euphoria” and “Dead to Me”, and all of those are very promising based on the first few episodes. Let me know what you’re watching!


  1. Interesting! My experience has been the opposite – I’ve hardly watched any TV at all since lockdown came in, though I have enjoyed some of the Youtube livestreams. I’m still working full time, albeit from home, so the only extra time I have is what would ordinarily be my commute. But I would usually use my commute for writing – so I’ve lost a load of writing time that I now have to fit that in elsewhere. Plus, I mostly watch sport, and there isn’t a whole load of that on at the moment!

    I’ve been reading much more, though.


    • I’m kinda jealous lol, I just finished school so I’m in the limbo of looking for jobs with a lot of free time. But haven’t been able to read much because that was my transit habit (kudos to you for writing while commuting, it’s super hard) and at home i just get too distracted 😦


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