Y’all be safe, now

Hey friends —

Hoping everybody is continuing to stay safe and please, if you can, take care of yourselves and each other. For those of you who have the privilege and position and resources, can you maybe…

    • check in on your neighbors (can you make a grocery run for them, maybe? Especially if they’re older? Or immuno-compromised? Or in a higher-risk group?)
    • check in on your work colleagues if you’ve been fortunate enough to retain your job and are able to work from home? (do some of your colleagues maybe need some help getting groceries or supplies?)
    • check in on your friends and family members who deal with anxiety and depression?
    • other ways to help: LINK!
    • remember why there are protests and help out as you can.

Here in the States it’s a holiday weekend, and as you all probably know, COVID is surging again in certain spots. If you’re in those spots, take care of yourselves and others and stay safe. If you’re not in those hot spots, same advice. Take care of yourselves and others; protect your community and essential workers — mask up.

If you’re hunkering in place alone and just need to talk, you can unleash here in the comments or contact me directly on Facebook and Twitter. I’m andimarquette. Easy-peasy.

Just…be safe, y’all.



  1. I was going to comment yesterday when I first read this, but then said, oh, don’t bother–it’s understood. Well, it’s the next day, and the idea of this post has just been so present that here I am, following through. The sense is this–I get that it’s a no-brainer for the folks who have been involved with W&W for years, but as I watch and listen to the world as it redefines itself, I keep coming back to seeing within this blog such a consistent message of support, caring for others, and ‘do the right thing, dammit’, whether it’s a call for social justice, or a nudge to lift our awareness of individual concerns–it’s really a profound and steady witness to community and connection. I wanted to affirm the work that is not only approached, but being done, through this blog, in reaching out, considering, and acknowledging all the possibilities of conditions of those who read it. I know I am fortunate in my circumstances during this lockdown thus far, in both my living situation, and relative mental/emotional state, but I know of others who are not, and they don’t have near the access and support of what is offered in words and intention on this site. I don’t mean to blow it out of proportion and get all sappy, but I am looking at what is being done in comparison within other communities of which I am a part, and find the difference to be striking in terms of authenticity and integrity. Maybe it’s the magic of [introverts], writers, and thinkers–there’s a power in language and using it properly. So, I wanted to say thanks to all the folks involved with the blog–those who maintain it, those who contribute, and those who provide the reason for it to exist. I’m sure it started out as a marketing vehicle of sorts, and still serves that purpose, obviously, but in my mind, it has become a bridge during the pandemic for everyone on the fringes. I also wanted to thank Andi, for putting this one out there, and offering such accessibility for folks in a bind this weekend–who does that? What a beautiful counterpoint to those who cause hurt. Stay safe and sane, all.

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    • Hi, Jan–thanks so much for checking in and for your words. Really appreciate it. And thanks for finding Women and Words! Which, incidentally, was founded specifically as a place for community to gather. 🙂 That was the original intent, and if other good stuff comes out of that, well, cool! We’re so glad that you’ve found us a good space and a community space and if you’d ever like to offer your own thoughts beyond a comment (a blog), just let us know. We share as much space as we can for people to share their thoughts.

      We know these are hard times for a lot of people, and we know the news is awful, but we want to remind people that there is community space out there, that there’s support, and please reach out if you need some help or if you have resources, help others as you can. That’s what community’s all about, after all, and everybody has skills and knowledge that can help.

      Anyway, we hope you and yours are staying safe and we hope that you’re able to help others as you can. One of my (Andi’s) personal mantras is “share the luv.” I also pay it forward, because I’m very fortunate and gotten help along my journey, so I just believe in doing what I can with what I have. 🙂

      Take care!


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