Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Words of Wisdom From the Yoda /Dalai Lama Like Wise Woman

Recently I decided to travel to the beautiful beach where The Yoda/Dalai Lama Like Wise Woman lives. It is rumored she has all the answers to life’s questions. I had my doubts but I needed to turn somewhere. It was my intention to finally get the answers to questions that are bothering me. 

When I arrived at her beach cottage, there was a sign on the door “At Beach. Bring cash – $10 per answer.”

Well, okay.  I guess it’s fair to charge people for the service of  answering questions. As a counselor, I charge people to ask them questions. So, I went down to the waters edge and found the legendary Yoda/Dalai Lama Like Wise Woman sitting in a lounge chair. I asked her my questions and I give you her answers here for free.

Angela: We have a raging pandemic going on in this country and wearing face masks around people is absolutely vital for protecting each other from getting the coronavirus. So my question is, why do some people insist on not wearing face coverings?

Ms. Woman: There are three reasons these people don’t wear face masks. They are stupid. They watch Fox cable TV. They are evil. It can be one reason or a combination of all three. $10 dollars, please.

Angela: Oh, that seems harsh but, well…I guess that makes sense….   But, these “not wearing face mask” people say wearing face masks violates their civil liberties, takes away their freedom and/or is not fair to them. Don’t they have a point?

Ms. Woman: Hogwash. Do you have the civil right to take a knife and stab another human being in the heart? No! Of course not. This is the same thing. Not wearing a mask can kill. It’s murder with intent. Do you have the civil right to steal my Porsche? No, we have laws we all have to follow.

Do you have the civil right to drive 105 miles per hour down Highway 5 late on Tuesday night? On that one, I think you should, if you drive very, very carefully, but that State Police Trooper seems to think differently. My opinion doesn’t count.  We all have rules we are required follow in order to live together peacefully in society.  $10 dollars, please.

Angela: Handing her a second $10 bill, I imagine my $10 is going toward your driving tickets.  Why do you think people don’t believe in climate change when all honest, professional scientists are in agreement? I mean, we’re talking about eventually destroying the planet. In the meantime, we have intense forest fires, hurricanes are getting worse, there’s more drought, it’s getting hotter, the floods are worse. We’re in big trouble here, yet some people are in denial.

Ms. Woman: Same answer as your first question. $10 dollars, please.

Angela: Here’s some hypotheticals: It’s Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the day after the election. Even though the mail-in-ballots are not yet counted, Mr. T declares victory. Or all the ballots are counted and Biden wins the most votes and wins the electoral college votes. But Mr. T declares victory anyway. Or, on Monday, the day before the election, Mr. Trump cancels the elections on some pretext of a national emergency and declares victory. What do we do?  What do I do?

Ms. Woman:  Buckle your seatbelt, sweetheart!  We as a country must come together immediately and shut the nation down in protest until he leaves.  $20, dollars,  please.

Angela: 20? I thought it was 10.

Ms. Woman: You ask 2 questions.

Angela:  Well, your answers make me very uncomfortable.  Do you have any formal training in wisdom?

Ms. Woman:  No.  $10 dollars, please.

Angela:  Ok, last question because this is getting pricey.  I’m really angry with the people who are endangering me and others.  What can I do to stop or change them?

Ms. Woman: There is only one solution.  Come near, I will tell you.  I leaned in: 

We must love.  I’m not saying to agree or condone their actions.  I am saying, we must approach others with love.   Listen, yet maintain your firm convictions.  Your interactions must be authentic, real, compassionate……loving.

Angela:  Is it really that easy? 

Ms. Woman: . For some, yes.   For others, no.

Angela:  I think I’ll take a while to think through how to love those I disagree with.  I had not thought about that.  What about the $10 dollars?

Ms. Woman: I’m hoping you’ll buy me a beer and bring it back.  Being wise makes me thirsty!