The Jems and Jamz Boxset by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue (Plus a FREE Audiobook!)

Music is one thing that bonds people. It is used in times of celebration and times of grief, and it is used worldwide. I have always been inspired by the beautiful charm that music has on people. Even when we are the most divided, somehow, we are still willing to dance together. Even when the general mood is somber, we are still willing to sing, and it is because of this that I decided to write The Jems and Jamz Boxset.

The Jems and Jamz Boxset is a compilation of seven novellas, all told from different perspectives of the members of the Jems and Jamz band. The stories show how all five members got together, and despite their vastly different backgrounds, they managed to create something wonderful together. I liked writing these stories, because I feel like in life there are many times that we are separated from those around us. However, when people are put in a condition where they need to work together, feelings of understanding and respect can blossom.

The characters in these stories are from all different backgrounds. Some grew up wealthy where others grew up with just enough to get by. Some have supportive families, while others do not. I felt like it was very important to incorporate the different ways that the members of this band grew up and the struggles that they had to go through in order to get the band going, because in life, all of our journeys are different. Nevertheless, it is the differences that we experience that bring us together in the end.

The Jems and Jamz Boxset was an interesting piece to write. I loved going through the lives of the characters and exploring the heartaches and life lessons that brought them together. Each book in the series goes through a different time period in the band’s evolution. I enjoyed being able to write about all of the incidents that led up to each character realizing their love of music, and I also enjoyed seeing the growth of each woman as they went through situations that led them closer to their dreams.

Therefore, if you are looking for a longer read that is full of inspiration, romance, and laughter, I suggest that you check out The Jems and Jamz Boxset. I have made this series available on Kindle Unlimited for a short amount of time, and for those that do not have a subscription plan, I have reduced the price of this series to $2.99 for the entire month of July in order to give everyone a chance to read it. I am also giving away an audiobook that includes the first two novellas in this series to one person that comments on this post. I look forward to you reading about the journey of this band, and if you would like to share the experiences that you had in achieving your dreams, feel free to do so below.

FRIENDS! If you’d like to sign up for the drawing for an audiobook copy of the first two novellas in this series, leave a comment below (you know the drill) and Nicole will hook you up! Drawing closes July 31 at 9 PM EDT US.

Growing up in a small town, Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue spent a majority of her time reading and writing, so when she was granted the opportunity to write full-time, she did not have to think twice.

Since beginning her writing career, she has managed to pen several lesbian romances, while adding a little action and adventure to spice things up.

As a newly graduated MBA student, she plans to use her recently discovered free time to craft the art that she loves. For more information on Nicole’s new releases or to find out what she has been working on, sign-up for her newsletter HERE.

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