Pandemic Reminiscing #travel

statue dedicated to the arts in Lesbos
Statue on Lesbos dedicated to the arts.

The very least of what this pandemic has done is ruin the world’s summer travel plans. This year, like all the summers for the past eight years, I was supposed to be somewhere far from home with my best friend, exploring and chatting, getting into our annual on-the-road argument, buying postcards, and wearing new bikinis on previously “unknown to us” beaches.

This year, of course, we’re both home and watching Covid take over various parts of the world, including the places we live (Georgia and Spain). But instead of dwelling on the wretchedness we all know is out there right now, I’m instead going to reminisce about some of the trips the BFF and I have shared over the years together. Because why not?

June 2012 – Antiparos (?), Greece

floating in the aegean sea - 2012

This is me, floating in the Aegean Sea the summer after I learned how to swim. I don’t look it, but I was so proud of myself in this moment. After years of not knowing how to swim, wanting to, then always finding a reason not to take lessons, I finally did it. Look at this! Me, floating in an entire sea!

July 2015 – Aruba


Aruba was beautiful. Just small enough for us to drive around, sneak into various hotel pools, and sustain a few minor injuries. In this photo, I accidentally got an all-natural fish pedicure when I stuck my feet in a river near some bat caves. Do you see that big ass fish coming for me???

June 2016 – Berlin, Germany

Berlin for Orlando 2016

Pride parade where they marched in honor of the Orlando terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub. It was an amazing experience, being surrounded by so many queers and feeling the echoes of solidarity and sadness in the crowd.

February  2017 – Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa nest

We were playing in these weird bird-nest type chairs in a park after we got tired of walking around in a city that felt oddly European in places for being on the African continent. Along the way, there were penguins, monkeys, a safari, and a beach.

June 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Chueca Metro 2017

This floor looks clean from afar but let me tell you that it’s filthy close up. But I had fun rolling around on it anyway. Chueca Metro Station.

June 2018 – (near-ish) Yerevan, Armenia

Angela in Arrmenia

Overall a terrible trip because people, but the landscape and hazelnuts were amazing. It was a “get back to her roots” trip for the BFF and she felt empowered learning so much about the history of Armenia (and the country’s prevailing opinions of itself and the rest of the world).

I don’t know when she and I will get to travel together again. The world as we knew it has changed so much. Plus there’s the fact that we live so far apart now. But I’m buying new bathing suits in preparation and hoping that day will come again soon.

Are there any trips you’re mourning the loss of this summer?


  1. Thanks for sharing these bits of your previous travels, Fiona. Your photos have jump started my travel memories and they’ve reminded me how fortunate I’ve been to able to visit distant places. Travel will never be quite the same, but let’s at least hope that we can experience such adventures again in the near future. Stay safe.

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    • Thank you for indulging me, Renee. I have the same hope for the future and am trying my best to stay still as I enjoy close-by natural wonders while waiting for the calm to arrive.

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  2. Beautiful photos, and well done on the swimming 😁.

    We were supposed to be in Sint Maarten in June and while yes, missing my holiday is a very minor thing, it makes me sad that we didn’t get to go. I love long swims in the sea at least twice a day, feeling the heat of the tropical sun in my bones for two weeks and storing it up before I go home to the rain! The people, the animals, the food, the plants. Next year 🤞

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    • Thank you, AJ 🙂 – I’m crossing my fingers for you and all of us for next year. If The Galapagos Islands are still accepting tourists, I’d love to go there with the BFF who has had that place and its giant turtles on her bucket list for years.


  3. Beautiful pics. Glad you started swimming. There is something wonderful about swimming in “foreign” bodies of water that is thrilling. My partner and I were to take our first overseas trip together this year. We were considering Brazil or Argentina as our first jaunt. I have parental roots there and she wants to see art. Spain is also on our plans along with several other western European countries – Portugal, especially the Azores, Scotland and Ireland where my maternal grandmother was born. We will take a trip overseas with the teen sometime soon as well. We will get back out there. In the meantime we do what we can stateside while staying safe. You do the same.

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