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A friend of mine reminded me the other day of the idea that everything is healed by salt- tears, sweat, ocean. I was on my way to spend the day on the seacoast and it indeed was balm for my soul. The ocean is my favorite landscape. Mountains are gorgeous, as are plains and forests, but the ocean has always been my place. Lying on the pebbled beach, body flung wide like a starfish, listening to the rolling waves and wind, the cries of gulls, smelling the salt, the fishy odor of low tide. Letting the sun warm me. Pure bliss.

Of course, life saw fit to settle me in Minnesota. That could have gone better as far as seacoast visits go. So some days, especially when life feels troubled and a good cry in the car doesn’t quite do it, I need a little vicarious ocean visit. Thank goodness for books.

Earlier this summer I read The Song of the Sea by Jenn Alexander. A completely moving book about the healing power of the sea. Gorgeously emotional without being bathetic. Please note that it does deal with a potentially triggering subject so read the blurb before grabbing the book.

I just finished Spindrift by Anna Burke. Again, the healing power of the sea comes into play. And the boats. And animals. And a childhood crush, all single and maybe ready for romance.

When the Stars Sang by Caren Werlinger is a book I spent many many hours with, as I narrated it. It’s all islands and ocean and generations of tradition. It’s also about coming into one’s own, healing the past.

A book I read forever ago and think of often is Nantucket Rose by CF Frizzell. A complete immersion into Nantucket Island with a sweet romance.

Cheyenne Blue’s All at Sea is all ocean. Adorable cat. Characters with some great sizzle. And sailing!

Yolanda Wallace is one of my all-time favorite authors and Love’s Bounty is a wonderful, realistic immersion into seaside life. Lots of healing. Some great romance. Lobstah!

Where is your healing spot? What do you love to read?


  1. I grew up near the seashore in a little rural area of Newfoundland. The ocean is constantly calling to me, but I live in Alberta now and getting to a seashore is a big challenge these days so I settle for going to a small lake nearby, or to one of the many rivers that traverse the city. Water is so calming, wherever I find it. Thanks for this, I appreciate your sharing.


  2. I was a farm and forest appraiser at the government level and spent decades traveling the back roads of the county. I learned to love the changing seasons by seeing the different hues of fields as they flourished with crops and then became barren after harvest. The time spent in forested property showed me the beauty of decade old trees, towering high above me. Occasionally, I’d see the aftereffects of forest fire and be amazed by the will of nature to destroy and then propagate again.
    To this day, years after retirement, I drive out into farm/forest land to gain perspective and peace.


  3. Ann I grew up a mile away from the Pacific and at night I could hear the waves crashing and always, always the salty smell in the air. It is very cathartic so understand your mindset. When I read Photographs of Claudia by KG MacGregor, I was happy to find that it was set in the town one over from the one I grew up in so the descriptions of the wharf and waterfront brought back lots of memories.


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