FINALLY! Hot off the press and coming attractions, Sept.-Oct. 2020

OMG you guyyyyyyyz. Here are the book lists. Shit is cray. What can I say.


Anyhoo, you know the drill. Or maybe you don’t. Here you go: if you know of a title coming out in October or that was published in September, drop us a line at the General contact link. If you know of a title that’s due out in November, let us know and hopefully I won’t be utterly exhausted/mesmerized by the shitshow that is the United States and I’ll get that list loaded up for next month.

Thanks for your patience!

Get you some new reads and if you can, indulge in some Halloween fun if you can because. Take fun where you can these days. Also, share the love. There are lots of people who need help.

Heh. With apologies to The Old Guard…

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