Spoop Season

Life is crazy busy. I’m sure yours is, too. Quarantine and Covid have thrown everything, it seems, into upheaval. Some of it for the better. Some of it not. I’m trying to continue to move forward through this year, keeping an eye to the future, which seems uncertain for those of us in the States. (Please vote.) My fellow Women and Words writers have spoken at length about what’s happening here. Go read their amazing thoughts!

Distance Learning continues to be insane. My school district has a tentative re-opening plan, but that – like everything – is uncertain. I find myself going back to my Poco a Poco life lesson, reminding myself to take things one day, one hour, one minute at a time. The gray hairs are here, y’all.

Some bright points to the days? I mentioned I seek refuge in stories and media. I watched She-Ra and the Princesses of Power recently. Wow?? I was not familiar with Noelle Stevenson prior to watching this show, but as soon as I finished season five, I had to go find her on social media and learn more. I’m not normally into animated shows, but I kept hearing so much about this reboot/re-imagining of the 80s cartoon, so decided to check it out. It was worth it. So many female characters with actually well-written story arcs (even the “villains!”) and queer representation like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Also, Taylor Swift’s latest album, which I believe another Women and Words writer (sorry I can’t remember who!) spoke about, is SO GOOD. The story telling! “The Last Great American Dynasty” is, like, amazing?? Also, the new stuff from The Chicks is a must-listen. Growing up in Texas, they were a staple on country radio when I was a kid. Of course, most know how they fell from grace in the eyes of the country music industry and disappeared from radio and literally everywhere else. In hindsight, what happened was sadly, not surprising. Women…speaking out? Codswallop. They must be punished. Of course, had somebody said what Natalie Maines said today, it’d be blown up on Twitter for a day then people would move on to the next big thing. 45 himself says something worse every single day. Anyway, go listen to Gaslighter and all of the new music from The Chicks.

Also also, it’s October which means spoop season. Spoop not spook. My threshold for tolerating scary media is extremely low. Therefore, spoop is more my level. About half way through the month I may work myself up to watching an actual horror movie (not my millionth view of Hocus Pocus) and then quickly regret my life choices. Though, I must say, even though I had the scariest of dreams after watching The Haunting of Hill House last year, it was SO good. I think there’s a new spin-off or similar show from the same creators out now/soon, but I saw dolls, and that’s gonna be a hard pass for me. But if creepy dolls and ghosts and haunted mansions is your thing, check it out!

Oh, books! These have been out a while, but since it’s spoop season, I recommend Keepers of the Cave and Weeping Walls. I remember reading these while I was in Peru, sitting outside as the sun was setting. I remember having to pause, go inside, and turn on a light. Though, once again, low scare tolerance over here. What are some other “spooky” or “spoopy” reads you enjoy for this time of year?

I hope you and yours are well and trying to stay sane in this world. Keep fighting. Keep loving. Keep being kind to one another.


  1. The Secret of Sleepy Hollow by Andi Marquette is a really good Halloween-time read or Borage by Gill McKnight if you prefer witches and their familiars. I have a low tolerance for scary stuff as well and loved both of these books.


  2. I appreciate your post and thoughts. I think “take things one day, one hour, one minute at a time” is an excellent mantra and approach right now. On a side note, I grew up in Oklahoma and love the Chicks. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts.


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