I don’t even know anymore

Hi, all.

This week is…well, I haven’t really slept since Monday. I’m pretty sure I drank my weight in alcohol on Tuesday. Was barely functional on Wednesday. And yesterday I doom-scrolled on Twitter for hours.

That ain’t right.

I don’t really feel like talking about what’s happening. Y’all know what’s going on right now.

What I hope you understand, too, is that even if the administration changes, we’ve got a lot of freaking work to do. Especially white people. I’m included in that.

At least 70 million people bought a whole bunch of fear, wtfuckery, lies, disinformation, misinformation, conspiracies — there are actually people who think all Democrats are part of a Satanic child sex-trafficking ring. And these people believe that counting votes is somehow a threat to democracy. These people believe that the Electoral College actually helps POC. (Narrator: Oh. HELL. No.) They believe that wearing masks in public to combat the spread of COVID is an infringement on their “personal freedom” (even as they’re out shopping and whatever) or that wearing a mask actually causes the virus. If they even believe there’s a virus.

So even if this administration changes, we still have a fuck-ton of work to do, and part of that is inoculating younger folx against what their elders and some of their peers are falling for even as we work to dismantle all the systemic awful that we’re all living in and affected by.

Now, I’m all for a big ol’ dance party if the administration changes, and I’m all for finally relaxing a little bit, and letting myself breathe for a bit, but then it’s back to the trenches for me because work needs doing and it’s not gonna do itself.

Remember that what we’ve seen the past 4 years is not a cause. It’s a symptom. Democracy is an ethos, and it needs tending every day. So pick the issue you want to work on. Maybe run for local office. Get involved. Stay involved. If we do manage to get through this, it’s on us to make sure this shit doesn’t happen again.

That’s where I’m at this week. So stay safe — COVID is on the rise and that’s on us, too, to get that under control — and take care.


  1. Thanks as always, Andi, for lifting up the heart, soul, and body of the work [yet and still] in your typical powerful and practical voice. For the folks with the gift to string words together, consider applying that to the places that need to be kept aware and honest as every bit of light and call for accountability helps. Be safe, kind, and strong, all.

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  2. Well said, Andi. Democrats need to make up and get ahead of the advances Rs have won over the past decades. They hold more state legislatures and governorships, and because of that they’ve been appointing state judges, who move up the line. I realize too many states are so heavily gerrymandered that it’s difficult to turn it around. But, where we can, we must. Rs are a minority party, but they hold the majority seats in too many states and the Senate. After celebrating, we need to look at the 2020 elections, which the Rs will want to win. Let’s not let them.

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  3. You know how in writing we say the bad guy is the hero of their own story? Same here. We can say they aren’t living in reality, but to them, they are. And too many of them saw him for what he is and still voted for him. We have to accept the fact that almost half of Americans, the voters at least, live in a completely different reality from the rest of us. And, once again, a Democratic President will have to spend precious time and treasure cleaning up a Republican mess before even getting to the work we need to do. I’d say great fodder for a novel, but, really, you can’t make this shit up.


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