I Can’t Even

Yikes, stressful week! I even had to resort to some over-the-counter sleep aids just to be able to get enough rest. I’ve boomeranged between letting it all go (sugar and social media galore) and self-care (healthy food, water, exercise, fun chores and hobbies). Neither really helped. So I turned to my books. The old favorites as always.

Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler. These two women! The passion for their jobs, the passion in their relationship. This is one of my favorite Spangler books. Elise and Cory are both compelling characters. They struggle. Eventually, they succeed. A good story for our struggles today as we figure out what to do about the USA.

Passion’s Bright Fury by Radclyffe. This is one of my all-time favorite romances. I love that Sax is so different. She’s uncertain in personal relationships and 100% confident in her job. The dichotomy is compelling. Jude is the perfect match for her. This is also a story of accidental love, those are some of my favorites.

Face the Wind by Caren Werlinger is new, but is set on the same island as When the Stars Sang (which I narrated). The setting is calming- ocean and community. The book is not a romance (but there is romance in it). It’s a story of the past catching up to a person with heartwarming results. A story of hope and beauty in the midst of change.

The Big Tow by Ann McMan is new. And Christine Williams’ voice can sooth and entertain me every time. The book is hilarious. Chris reads it with her usual wryness. An immersive experience guaranteed to brighten your day.

Next up for reading on my e-reader is Captain of Industry by Karin Kallmaker, for the umpteenth time. I think I can likely quote much of the book. And I love every second of the reading experience.

Next up for listening is Breaking Character by Lee Winter and read by Angela Dawe. Her voice and that story are one of my very favorite combinations ever. Summer and Elizabeth, happy sigh.

Do your self-care. Reach out when you want to. Pull in when you want to. Escape into book worlds when you want to. Find your calm. Find your happy. I’ll be over here in my corner enjoying my book friends for a bit.


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