Mando’s Gambit

I finally got around to watching tv. Well, not tv per se, but like, streaming. You know what I mean. Regardless, I haven’t watched anything seriously for many months, and my dive back into the tv show world has been very pleasant. I figured might as well share some great shows with you fine folk.

A while back, I wrote a blog post about Haunting of Hill House, and how, while good, erased a queer storyline and made the Theo and Nellie into sisters instead of what they were in the book, two strangers who were sort of into each other to the point of the “L” word almost coming into play from Nellie’s point of view. Well, I think Netflix definitely made up for it with the next instalment of the collection, The Haunting of Bly Manor. This show delivers. Not only is it an actual adaptation of Turn of the Screw, it’s also got a really cool twist, borrowing some things from other works of horror fiction, including Jackson’s Hill House. The show uses a similar style of it’s predecessor, an episode per character, but the story is much more intricate and interesting, at least in my opinion.

This next one is a must watch. Queen’s Gambit is probably the most I’ve enjoyed tv in a very long time. In an era of grimdark and grey endings, Queen’s Gambit is a bright spot. Despite the tragedy surrounding the story and the protagonist, Elizabeth Harmon, the show takes every opportunity to make the show darker, and jumps right over it, choosing instead to make it lighter, to make it hopeful. The prodigy makes her way in the male dominated world of chess, finding herself a family along the way. There are ups and downs, of course, but ultimately the show delivers, and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Sticking with feel good shows, Mandalorian is back with a second season that’s airing now, and that gave me a perfect excuse to catch up on the first. If there’s one thing that I enjoy more than queers in stories, it’s the trope of dads and their adopted kids kicking ass and taking names, but also bonding. Who wouldn’t like that. You don’t even need to know Star Wars, it’s fine as a standalone, and the story is great. If you’re looking for a relaxing, stress free evening, this is the show for you.

Got any shows that you recommend?