It’s Holiday Movie time again!

First of all, woo hoo!* Now on to our regularly scheduled programming.

I’ve been celebrating the holidays for weeks now. Stacking up greeting cards, eagerly waiting for the Navidad lights to come on all over the city, searching for delicious Christmas dinner recipes. I’m even enjoying the jingling commercials that interrupt my Pandora radio listening sessions. Even I know it’s a little ridiculous, but I cannot wait for Christmakwanzakah to get here.

As part of the festivities of this most marvelous time, I plan on gobbling up any (happy) queer holiday movie possible. Now, I know there aren’t a ton of them available but I’m going to dive in and enjoy as many of them as I can find. Check out what I’ve got so far…

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in Happiest Season.

At least one note-worthy film recently burst out on the scene and I’m ready to subscribe to Hulu just to see it. Of course, I’m talking about Happiest Season with queer and out fave, Kristen Stewart. Her character, Abby, goes to spend the holiday with her girlfriend, who she plans on proposing to. The big problem is that her girlfriend isn’t out to her conservative parents. Cue the drama and hijinks. Check out the trailer here.

Another movie on my list is Holiday Heart. It came out twenty years ago, but I’m just now finding out about it. Which is a miracle in itself because anything with Alfre Woodard for me is an automatic must watch. Ving Rhames plays a drag queen who steps in to parent his niece when her drug-addict mom loses her way. The trailer is here.

Coming to you from Lifetime is The Christmas Setup. Real life husbands, Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, play singletons who are set up for Christmas by one of their matchmaking moms (Fran Drescher). The movie looks adorable and even has a dog in it. Find out more here.

I’m a sucker for any A Christmas Carol-style movie plots with alternate pasts for the main characters. A New York Christmas Wedding (Netflix) has Jennifer planning her hetero Christmas wedding. Although she doesn’t know why, she’s not quite happy. Cue her guardian angel to step in and show her an alternate (and super lesbian!) reality.

For the tail end of the holiday seasons comes I Hate New Year’s. This flick features a fledgling music star, Layne, who heads back to her hometown of Nashville for New Year’s. There, she hangs out with her best friend, Cassie, who’s had a crush on her for years. Will they, or won’t they? See the trailer here.

Although these aren’t the only holiday movies out there with sweet, sweet queer plots, it’s my start. I’ll be scouring the internet for more as the weeks go by to feed my ravenous holiday movie appetite.

Do you have any favorite LGBTQI holiday flicks that you want to share?


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  1. Thanks for this list of queer holiday films, Fiona! My brain, and no doubt the brain’s of others continue to bounce back and forth between Covid-19’s grip and the uniquely trumpian non-transition-of-power we’re witnessing. There’s nothing better to take the edge off of my heightened emotions as I wonder if the election’s cry-baby loser will try to stage a coup d’état, than the prospect of adding gay holiday films to my movie queue. Are there any traditional Spanish holiday customs that you’re planning to celebrate? Any comidas de Navidad that you’re planning to prepare or enjoy?


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