1. Thanks for expressing the parallels between Vichy France and the current political scene here, Andi. The only factors that have saved us thus far are trump’s and his teams’ feckless stupidity and the persistence of voters who refused to bow to the attempts at voter suppression.

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  2. Spot on. The outgoing president is a symptom of an underbelly of more than 70 million people who apparently prefer to be led like sheep to the slaughter. The Repub senators abdicated their consciences and bailed on the country during the opportunity they had to remove the symptom through the lawful process of impeachment with removal.
    We must remain vigilant.

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  3. Because my father was German officer in WWII, I have researched this period for years. It culminated in a series of books, two of which won the GCLS award for historical fiction. The parallels are frightening.


  4. Some resistance you may, or may not, have studied. However, note that their participation in WW2 was hopeful. There was Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans, who were student resistance fighters. Claus von Stauffenberg, and others, attempted to assassinate Hitler. Irena Sendler helped save over 2,500 Jewish children, some who are still alive today. There were also a number of women spies who infiltrated Germany and France.


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