Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Luminal Space

Every now and then I run across a concept that, when applied, can be life changing.  Luminal Space is one of those. 

Luminal Space is where many of us have been living since the pandemic began.  It’s the space between “no longer and not yet”. It’s the gap between what we know; what we’ve been doing …  and the unknown future; what will we be doing. Looking at what we hope for, need and want  to come. 

And, wow, have we been living in that space for what feels like forever.     

We remember  how freely we moved around, met with friends, worked in offices, dined in restaurants.  And now, for many of us, that is the “no longer”.  Our lives have changed, yet we do not know what is to come, and that uncertainty is difficult.  

Here’s some suggestion for navigating Luminal Space.

  • Mindfulness.  Without judgement, focus on what you are thinking and feeling at the moment.
  • Realism.  Stay present.  View your current circumstances realistically.  
  • Intention.  Visualize the life you want.  Take time to imagine what a better life would look like.
  • Develop a “can do” attitude.  If you find that you have slipped into learned helplessness, believing you have no control over your circumstances, evaluate that mindset and learn how to create “can do” thinking.  This is easier said that done, but you are totally capable!!
  • Creativeness.  Resilience builds as we use creative thinking.  For authors, this is actually a fantastic time because you are forced to be out of your normal “same old-same old” routines.
  • Be in the shelter of another.  Allow others to help you.  Allow others to care for you.  And that goes for you, too, butch dykes.
  • Have faith in the possible.  


  1. Thanks for your timely words, Angela Grace. I try to embrace realism as much as possible. That is why I applauded the CNN reporter this morning (sorry I don’t recall his name) when he called trump “crazy” and “off his rocker.” It doesn’t get any realer than that.


    • Thank you for the comment, Renee. These are crazy times, but the luminal space will end and we will have new beginnings.


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