Status: Like, So Tired

Hey, y’all. It’s December. We’re almost through this year. I re-read my post from January and had a good chuckle. I was so optimistic! So certain of the awesomeness this year would bring. What’s that saying about making plans?

It’s almost winter break. I cannot wait to not stare at a computer screen all day every day. (Those of you in screen-heavy jobs, how do you do it??) I plan to sleep. I plan to read. I plan to write. (Edits for book #4 happening – woo!) I plan to recover. Of course, these are only plans. I’ve learned how plans go.

I hope you are well and safe and staying as sane as possible as many parts of the world go back into lockdown. For my last blog post of the year I’m doing a giveaway of my 2018 novel, a coming-of-age romance. Leave a comment about what you’re doing lately for self-care. Baking? Re-reading favorites? Binge-watching? Meditation? Staying in bed five extra minutes? Let me know! Those who do will be entered to win 1 signed paperback of Rocks and Stars. Open until Tuesday December 15 5pm PST.

Be kind to one another and be well!


  1. I work at Amazon at a package sortation facility… we have to wear a mask (each and every person), sanitize our equipment before and after using it and maintain social distancing… 6 feet. When I’m doing my other job, conference services for the local resort, same thing applies… masks 😷, social distancing and sanitizing everything. We used to shake the client’s hand in greeting, now we keep our distance and talk through a mask… The world has definitely changed.


  2. The self care I do varies but naps are part of it whenever possible and whenever that kind of rest feels like it’s needed. When a nap isn’t possible then relaxing repetitive instrumental music helps me chill while doing other tasks; it’s like getting a massage for my emotions and nervous system for hours on end and with long lasting benefits.


  3. Hi Sam.

    I can understand you looking forward to not looking at a computer screen all day. I used to be a graphic artist, so I can relate.

    As far as unwinding and self-care go, my life for the past year hasn’t been too much different from past years. I don’t work anymore, due to a spinal injury. So, I pretty much just stick around the house and read, mess around with tiny little projects, and nose around on the internet. Oh, and listen to music. Cannot live without music.

    The thing I miss the most over the past year is getting together with friends and going out to eat, primarily for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite all-time meal out, whether it be in the morning, noon, or night!

    Enjoy your time sleeping, reading, and writing!


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