Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Nov.-Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021

You guyz. I cannot even. ERMAHGERD SO SORRY. Sometimes (as we note on the main page for the lists), we screw up and miss a month or we get super-delayed and all the things and piles of WTF and before you know it, it’s another month and…hell. Mea culpa.

But here we are! With…a bunch of lists!


So it’s a little different this time because we’re out of control up in here. Basically, we combined November, December, and January into one list! So you’ll see the names of the publishers and under each publisher, you’ll see “November” and then a bunch of books listed then “December” and more books listed and “January” and more books listed. That is, each publisher has releases listed under the month they’re out. You’ll see. Don’t freak out. It was just easier for us to do that this time around cuz we got behind.

Also, shit is shitty and cray in a bunch of ways still, but at least we have each other and BOOKS, amirite? So if you’ve got a book coming out or one that’s out that we missed between November and January, drop us a line at the contact link and let us know.

Y’all stay safe and we hope you have mellow holidays.

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  1. I was looking forward to the Hootenanny this year… but I guess life is hard for everyone right now. I’m so going to miss the days of commenting and congratulating the winners.


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