Merry Yule, Everyone

When this post goes live, we’ll have made it through the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and be heading towards the end of a year few of us will be sorry to see the back of. I have to admit to not feeling very festive. There have been so few of the usual prompts: no decorations in the Day Job office (on the one day of the week that I’m currently going in), no steampunk markets (seasonally themed or otherwise), and while the decorations in local houses and gardens are cheering, they haven’t inspired me to get my own out of the loft.

I’m sure Mum and Dad will help me get into the swing of things when I go over to see them later in the week (assuming the rules don’t change again before then). We’d not planned to celebrate with anyone outside our bubble, so I was already prepared for that strangeness. Here’s hoping next year brings some sort of normality back sooner rather than later.

Take care, everyone, and try and find pleasure in the small things even while you’re missing all the bigger ones.


    • Thanks! It’s difficult. T’Lad was talking about a face to face meeting of our LGBT+ Group at work in February, but that was before they started introducing Tier 4 areas. Things change so fast…


  1. Happy Christmas and Yule to you too, and we’re sorry we won’t see you (or anyone else as we’ll be in Tier 3 at least by then) at New Year! Here’s to sometime in 2021!


    • I’ll miss you both/all loads. Spending New Year as well as Christmas with the parents this year, in the hope of making sure they behave.

      Maybe you’ll make it to Shelsley next year, if not to mine.


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